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My Bio

I was born and raised in Paris, France. At the age of 9, I made my acting debut in "The Giraffe's Neck", written and directed by Safy Nebbou. As lead role, I won the Prize of Interpretation at the Cairo International Film Festival. This was followed by numerous voice overs including "Fears of the Dark". In between school time, I was also acting as Louison in the play "The Imaginery Invalid" by Moliere at the renouned Comedie Francaise. After a long break, I decided to move to London at 16 to pursue my musical passion. I have been living there since, playing guitar, percussion and singing in Black Market Karma. The range of sounds is best described between psychedelic 60's, modern rock, shoegaze and pop. We give all of our 6 albums for free download on FLOWER Power Records, label that Mark and Stan Belton created in order to own the copyright of all of our work without having to rely on a mainstream record company. I have been working at Flower Power Records since January 2012. Now, I also am an ambassador for Phundee.com, crowdfunding platform that encourages the arts and entertainment by providing great support for artists.


Black Market Karma
Jul 2011 - Jul 2011 ()

When I moved from Paris to London, I joined the psychedelic band Black Market Karma as a percussionist. Later on I moved to backing vocals and then guitar. In January 2010 the decision was made that to own all of our recording rights and never to have to compromise any of our art, we would create our own record label, named now Flower Power Records. Not only to promote our own music but to also put our records we look up to from various artists in the future.

Community Benefits

Musicians, promoters, record label managers, PR, actors, directors etc...

Network Benefits

Quality control. I have to be passionate about the project to work as hard as possible to make it concrete. And passion is the key as well as clear, neat information and sharing

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