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My Bio

Started out designing & making clothes at the early age of 13, Nathan has a passion for fashion. 2 years later & a wide range of clothing (mostly made by hand), Nathan was invited to study at the London College of Fashion at the age of 15, accepting him before he had even sat his GCSE's exams. During his studies to gain a national diploma in Fashion & Design, he worked at the Burberry's warehouse were he met the director, who after a chat decided to show Nathan how a fashion business is run by making him work in various different job roles within the Burberry's Organisation. A few years on, Nathan set up a t-shirt & graphic design company which he ran successfully for 10 years, designing t-shirts for various artist within the music industry. Nathan is currently putting together his anticipated fashion collection "Fluent by Nathan Morton" due to launch in the fourth coming months.


Fluent Ent, Starlike Mag
Nov -0001 - Present ()

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Fashion Designers, Distribution Companies.

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Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn mainly.

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