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At Phundee we get excited about and say, "yes" to awesome ideas. Potential investors understand the entertainment and art industry and want to invest in new and exciting start-ups in this sector. They are looking for unique, creative ideas that will capture the imagination of an inspired community and beyond. Concepts should be new and refreshing with a clear and defined purpose. If your project matches the criteria then Phundee can almost certainly help you. Strike that, we want to help you.

Phundee is hybrid platform that is designed to allow you to move from having a great idea into creating a successful business.

If you have funded your project using Phundee Rewards and are ready to expand your business, then Phundee Equity is the place for you. Your fans and core-supporters (usually friends and family members) can become shareholders and you can attract new investors, all with Phundee's support and expertise.

If you are new to the Phundee platform and have an existing business or idea and have chosen Equity campaigning as method of fundiing, then Phundee Equity is the perfect choice. Phundee Equity is dedicated to entertainment and art base companies and their projects. If your company project fits within one of our categories, then this is the ideal platform for you.

The Phundee Model

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