Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the crowdfunding process accessible, transparent, social and above all, phun!

By providing a democratic funding platform for independent artists in a range of entertainment and arts categories, we can support you in your career and help you develop creative ideas.

How does Phundee work?

Phundee is a crowdfunding social networking platform/resource, that is dedicated to entertainment and arts projects and businesses. We cater for all kinds of projects created by inspired individuals, who wish to drive a project forward to the point of performance or other satisfactory conclusion.

We can provide you with both 'Reward' and 'Equity' crowdfunding options, allowing you to raise money for a project on the way to opening and running a business.

We have a simple model at Phundee. Our campaigners seeking funding for their projects ask their fans to empower those projects to help them realise their dreams. They offer exclusives in return for each tier of funding, enabling their supporters to get closer to the projects and the campaigners themselves.

Once a project becomes successful and has an established fan base, campaigners can then use our equity model to raise investment for their company and ask fans to become shareholders.

Our categories

We have nine entertainment and arts categories that we support, though we know that many artists may work with in other categories as well.


The community

Our community is the heartbeat of Phundee. Whether you're a campaigner, funder or investor, we're all a part of one platform with a defined mission and purpose. We participate in the funding of entertainment and the arts because we love it, admire those that create artistic work and are fans of an industry that seeks to promote expression in all its forms.

Get involved – become a part of a revolutionary community

Here is what you can do to be a part of this exciting opportunity to be involved in developing and supporting new creative work.

Phundee is proud to be associated with the creative community and its fans as we seek to empower imaginative and innovative artists.