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My Bio

Some of you may be aware of me. I am Henry Scott-Irvine the Founder-Chairman of the Save Tin Alley campaign. My background is working in Music & Arts media.

Radio: I have written, produced, and presented over 400 hundred radio programmes since 2008; including shows on Muscle Shoals, Sir Alan Parker, The Sex Pistols, Gene Clark, Neil Innes, Graham Parker &The Rumour, The Damned and many more online radio shows.

Music Writing: I have written many music magazine features for Record Collector Magazine, including 6 pagers on The Flamin' GrooviesDr Feelgood, The Heartbreakers, Arthur Brown, and punk heroes The Vibrators, among many others. I am also a published author of the Omnibus Press biography of Procol Harum &The Ghosts of A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Film & TV Production: I have worked on over 150 Music Documentaries since 1990, including Producer credits as Producer-Director on Soho Nights (excerpt here)Procol Harum at 40. Producer credits on The Elton John Story, Punk Attitude, Status Quo At 40Van Morrison The Early YearsDr John, John Lennon Night, Music of The Millennium, All Back To Mine, Madonna Night, Michael Jackson Night, Classic Albums ‘Transformer’,  Classic Albums Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ and Elton At 50; to name but a handful.

The ‘Save Tin Pan Alley’ Campaign has amassed 33,000 signatures through the Don’t Bin Tin Pan Alley change.org petition, while in gathering a further 11,000 supporters through social media sites. 17,000 of the 43,000 registered are musicians or songwriters combined. Through cumulative pressure we have saved the former 12 Bar Club at 26 Denmark St, which will re-open - possibly under a different name - in 2018. All of number 6 and 7 Denmark Street, including the rear outbuilding where The Sex Pistols recorded, rehearsed and lived is now upgraded through an ‘Act of Parliament’ on March 22nd 2016 to ‘Grade II Star Listing’ through Historic England at our instigation. Music spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors and 10 retail music shops at ground level are now protected through a ‘Section 106, Clause 5, Paragraph 1’ deal via our input, which began in early 2014 with Camden Council's Environment Executives and their Planning Departments as well as via the Camden/St Giles Ward Councillor.

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