For September 2017 Art on a Postcard will transform itself into Art on a Ukulele. We are joining forces with artist Mick Rooney RA, Pete Howlett the UK's foremost independent ukulele maker and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on a project which combines music, art and fine workmanship.

The project was inspired by Mick's submission to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016, a beautifully hand crafted ukulele painted in his instantly recognisable rich, poetic style. Mick has invited his peers at the RA and a host of well known and loved artists to create 30 painted ukuleles.

The instruments will be played by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain along with some special guests at The Jazz Cafe in September holding an event to auction them. All the money raised will go to The Hepatitis C Trust and their campaign to eliminate hepatitis C by the year 2030.

(Above) Mick Rooney RA's ukulele, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016


To compliment our crowdfunding campaign we would like to introduce Art on a Plectrum. 50 artists including Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Sara Pope, Hayden Kays, Pam Glew, Shuby, Ray Richardson, Benjamin Murphy, and Pure Evil have painted and decorated wooden plectrums with fantastic results. You will get a plectrum by one of the artists and they will be allotted at random by a computer generated program. Like a lucky dip! To see all the plectrums go to this LINK

(Below) Hayden Kays 'Flippin Burger' made from five plectrums


2 x Guest places at an audience with Mick Rooney RA and three members of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB) at Shoreditch House Private Members Club

The evening will consist of a talk with Mick and another of the artists and a paired down performance with 3 of the ukulele orchestra as well as a look at the finished ukuleles

Plus dinner for 2 after the event.


2 x VIP tickets to the Summer of Love, Ukulele Festival of Great Britain. Includes

Back stage passes!

Access to the official after party

Meet the artists

These tickets are exclusive to the Art on a Ukulele crowdfunding campaign.

Learn more about the festival at this LINK


Hand crafted bespoke boat paddle ukulele in Churchstoke alder by Pete Howlett with gig bag

with artwork by Helen Howlett.


2 x Access All Areas Tickets to The Art on a Ukulele Charity Performance, with The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain plus special guests and compared by Channel 4's Jon Snow at the Jazz Cafe, London on 12 September with an overnight stay at a local hotel.

Champagne dinner for 2 on the mezzanine floor with the best views of the stage.

Meet the orchestra, the guests, the artists and Jon Snow


Perform with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the Jazz Cafe

Join the prestigious Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on Jazz Cafe as a special guest and have your name on all the publicity for the show.

You will be part of the orchestra for one song and get receive a framed poster with your name in the line up.


Use of funds

We need to raise £6000 towards the production of this project. This is so much more than a fundraiser for The Hepatitis C Trust, it’s a way to connect with an audience who we would never normally be able to reach. Music and art are powerful awareness raising tools. A project like this has more impact than thousands of leaflets or an expensive advertisement. We aim to enrich souls and reach as many people in the process as possible.

Whether you can donate £1 or £1,000 – your contribution helps us to get closer to our goal and is greatly appreciated. If you can’t support us financially you can help just by getting the word out. Please repost our video and share with anyone you think might enjoy this unique project.

Handmade ukuleles byPete Howlett

Norman Ackroyd CBE RA creating an etching for his ukulele.

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Funds at 70%

If we are lucky enough to receive 70% of our funding we will cover all of our courier costs and bespoke stands to display the finished ukuleles.

It would be a huge boost to this project and the crowdfunding alone will have helped spread precious awareness for the charity.


Hurdles & Hopes

When Mick Rooney RA suggested the ukulele project to us last year we could see the project’s huge potential and set about putting everything in place to make it happen. We contacted Pete Howlett who agreed to help us without hesitation. We had a very long lunch with George and Jodi from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and discovered we all had much in common. We had long talks about artists we could involve and songs we venues we could perform in.

(Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain by Jamie Wagg)

We raised the initial funds to get the project off the ground and we are in the final stages of putting it all together. We still need your help to raise £6000 to pay for the production costs. Couriering the instruments around the UK and Europe, creating bespoke displays stands and cases to exhibit and carry the ukuleles and putting on the event are still costs we need to find.

We have 30 days to reach our goal. We believe that with just this extra bit of help we can bring together a truly unusual audio visual project.



1 year ago

We’ve Reached 70% of our Funding Goal

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign so far and helped us reach the goal of 70% by todays date. To celebrate reaching this milestone as promised we would like to share an exclusive image of the finished ukulele by Peter Messer.

Our Art on a Plectrum rewards were also featured in an article on Creative Boom by writer Emily Gosling entitled Honey, I shrunk my artwork: introducing Art on a Plectrum 

Please share our press with your friends and family and help us reach our next milestone of 100%

1 year ago

We are at 51% of our funding Total

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to get to 50% of our funding goal. We promised you if we reached this goal by Wednesday we'd share with you Bill Jacklin's finished ukulele.  So here it is. Together with a little film of hit been after having being strung at Pete Howlette's workshop. Our next target is to be at 70% by next Wednesday 24 May. 

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1 year ago

Art on a Postcard Totes

We ve just added some of our extremely popular Art on a Postcard Totes to our list of rewards for a small donation of just £10 

1 year ago

Mick Rooney RA meets the wonderful and talented Pete Howlett

To celebrate the fact we've reached 35% of our funding in under a week we would like to share with you the moment last January that Mick Rooney went to Pete Howlett's studio deep in Wales. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. 

<iframe webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

1 year ago

We've just added more Duke of Uke Merchandise

Our friends at The Duke of Uke have very kindly given us 10 more of their excellent T shirts and 10 more 10 bags to add to our rewards.  

With all of your help we are have raised 25% of our total and the first week isn't out yet.....

1 year ago

We reached over £1000 in our first day of crowdfunding

Thanks so much to everyone who donated and made our first day really impactful. 

New plectrums are arriving at the office every day and they are all excellent. You can see the full range of them HERE

Below is Pure Evil's plectrum art....