Are you bored of your 9-5 existence? Tired of the rat race? Conscious that the social system you live in is about to collapse under the weight of a cataclysmic event beyond anyone's control or comprehension? Sure you are.

Well what are you waiting for? Sack off the commute and sign up to the commune!

Conveniently located just north of the M4 (Junction 15), we are the only commune in Wiltshire that's actively preparing for the Apocalypse. From livestock management and basket-weaving to cabbage patch maintenance and holistic 7 megaton nuclear explosion yurt protection training - we'll teach you all the survival skills you need to survive. Should you, of course, survive.

It's all here. Our commitment to the cause and your customer satisfaction are both 100% guaranteed. What could possibly go wrong? Plus if you decide that a utopian existence of social, natural and spiritual harmony isn't for you, that's fine. You are free to return to the shackles of capitalism whenever you like. After all, it's not the end of the world.

Catastrophists is a darkly comic new play about class, canapes and cults. In the Cotswolds.

"You're just quietly preparing for civilisation to collapse and really, we couldn't ask for anything more as neighbours"

Raf and Harry have well-paid jobs, a lovely semi in leafy Barnes and a brand new second residence in the heart of Wiltshire. In the neighbouring field, Claudia and Peter have a chewed up vegetable patch, a carbon-neutral yurt complex and an absolute conviction that the apocalypse is imminent.

Raf and Harry invite Claudia and Peter over for an apology meal after a misguided midnight call of nature in the field. But pleasantries soon switch to politics and the pulled pork is replaced by pulling punches when the hosts start testing the commune members' commitment to their cause. As the night descends into all-out anarchy, the consequences prove to be apocalyptic.

The play will be produced at The White Bear Theatre - an award-winning, off-West End venue with a focus on new writing and lost classics. The theatre exists to nurture and develop exceptional emerging talent and allow them to take risks. The Artistic Director Michael Kingsbury believes passionately in both the calibre of writing and artistic potential of Catastrophists and is generously providing the theatre for free to help bring the play to audiences for the first time.

But more funds still need to be raised in order to create the best possible maiden production of the play. That's where we're counting on your support.


Use of funds

The funds that we raise will go towards producing the best possible production of Catastrophists. In order to do so, we have assembled a highly-skilled and committed cast and creative team. Your generosity will enable us to reward their talent and commitment with a wage. In order to keep expenditure at a minimum, we have managed to secure rehearsal room free of charge and we have ensured that costs such as set-build, props and costume are low. Money received through this Phundee campaign will therefore be used to cover:

  • Actor's Fees
  • Stage Management Fees
  • Creative Fees (i.e. writer, director, designer)
  • Set and Props
  • Marketing and PR
  • Insurance



Hurdles & Hopes

Over the past 30 years, the White Bear has been a springboard for countless projects and theatre-makers. Artists such as Vicky Featherstone, Joe Penhall, Emily Watson and Torben Betts all cut their teeth there and past productions have transferred to the Arcola, the Trafalgar Studios, the Pleasance, the Southwark Playhouse, Park Theatre and even off-Broadway.

We believe that Catastrophists will absolutely be the next play to join this illustrious list and we’d love to see it progress to a dazzling future beyond the White Bear - but first it needs your help to get there.

Our main challenge is to ensure that all members of the cast, creative and technical team receive a fee that sufficiently rewards them for the time and love they have invested into Catastrophists. “

"It is our ambition to maximise the potential of the production through raising money to augment key areas of our budget in order to unlock the technical and creative areas of the production"