DIRTY LAUNDRY is an 8-part episodic web series set entirely in one location, an East London Launderette.

Created by us



We already have some great talent attached to the series:

LIZZY GRAHAM, Editor of Academy Award winning short film The Phone Call

ADAM SCARTH, DoP of Last Night In Paris' short film Pure

JULES WOODS, Sound Designer of Bafta Winning short film Operator

PATRICK JONNSON, Composer of Academy Award nominated documentary Virunga

We are here to raise the funds to shoot the pilot episode. We can then take this to potential production partners, financiers and distribution platforms, so we can shoot the first season.


We have a variety of rewards for you listed down the right hand side of this page. But the one we're sure you'll love is our big DIRTY LAUNDRY party!

At the end of the campaign, and once we've shot the pilot episode, we're going to throw a huge DIRTY LAUNDRY party, so can celebrate with us achieving our goal and ultimately making our dream a reality.

There will be some FREE BOOZE, and we'll be announcing the AMAZING LINE UP throughout the campaign, so stay tuned for news!

The nature of film production means that we won't be able to set a date for the party, but we can tell you it will likely be in SEPTEMBER, and on a THURSDAY evening. But will will let you know with plenty of time through our newsletter and social media.

One of our rewards gives you access to the party, others get you the VIP treatment - but all of them give you the chance to talk to the creators, cast and crew about the series and most importantly



Use of funds

We will be using the funds to shoot the first episode of the first season of DIRTY LAUNDRY which will include:

  • The cost of hiring the location
  • Hire of the equipment (camera and lights)
  • Payment for the cast and crew
  • Casting agent to help get the perfect cast
  • Post-production (editing, sound and grade)
  • Any marketing materials to help get the rest of the season made.


Funds at 70%

We are so passionate about DIRTY LAUNDRY - we have thought about what we can do if we only reach 70% of our goal and we are confident can still shoot the pilot episode.

We believe we have some great characters and a strong set-up of the story in this episode, so even if we can only fund a limited crew and the right cast, we’re pretty certain we can pull it off!

We also think with 70% of the budget, we could approach current interested investors and production partners to put in the remaining 30%.


Hurdles & Hopes

We have some great filmmakers attached to the project, but raising the finance for an independent production is always a challenge – but one that we can achieve WITH YOUR HELP!

The pilot episode will showcase the shows true potential, demonstrate the tone, and highlight the abilities of our team.

You may know some great comedies that first launched as a web-series – and our goal is to make something completely different, redefining what a successful web-series can be.

DIRTY LAUNDRY will be stylised, intelligent, full of dark and serious themes but portrayed through beautiful cinematography that will engage a huge digital audience looking for new content.

. . . t h i n k . . .

T W I N P E A K S - B R I C K - B L O O D S I M P L E - T R U E D E T E C T I V E

but enjoyed in 5 minute episodes, rather than stealing a week of your life

DIRTY LAUNDRY is written with a slow pace and harbours an unsettling quiet. The episodes are leave space for the audience to think about every glance, every overheard whisper, the weight of every touch. It's intelligent, unnerving and intriguing.



2 years ago

£3,730 still to raise!

Hello friends and funders!

Now we're at 57% and with just 13  days left of our crowdfunding campaign to go, we're getting increasingly excited about reaching our goal, and nervous too! We've had some incredible belief in our project, with donations ranging from £5 - £1000. We're so grateful to those of you who have been riding out this journey with us on Facebook and Twitter too - your shares and likes have garnered us the attention we need to keep this campaign building as it has been.

We have some exciting milestones to share with you in this week:

We re over 50%
We were completely overwhelmed when we reached over 50% of our target at the halfway mark of our campaign! We know our goal perhaps seems a little ambitious, but this truly is how much a production costs and our budget will mean we can bring our cinematic vision to life.

Next Let's Get To 70% 
If we can get to the 70% mark we're are confident we can shoot the pilot at this lower budget - AND if you guys can help us get there then we will share with you the AMAZING performance video we're shooting for Le Chat's new track, written exclusively for Dirty Laundry. 

But we don't want to stop there!

Then it's the homestretch to 100% 
If you can help us get to 100% then we'll be able to deliver the pilot exactly as we envisioned. You'll finally be able to watch the first episode of a project Jason and I have been working on and talking about for over a year - and for a £15 donation, you'll be able to watch it on the? big screen at the premiere and party later this year. If that's not reward enough - we have some amazing new rewards for you! We've got some amazing new rewards for you!

SLUG SKETCHES? and AIMEE EMERSON? have delivered us their sketches, and we are SUPER EXCITED to share them with you below. Two amazing supporters of Dirty Laundry have already nabbed the originals, but we are releasing just 10 high quality, numbered and signed art prints of each sketch as additional rewards for donations of just £40. Be quick - we're suspecting these will go FAST - especially Aimee's cute pug sketch <3 

*we know everyone has their own tastes so frames are not included

Thank you everyone who has shown us their support! Please keep sharing our social media posts with your network!

Charli + Jason 

2 years ago

One week in, 28 days remaining!

Hello friends!

We re now a week into our campaign and we’re over the moon to announce we're at 31% of our funding goal! We’re so thankful of the support we have received so far! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated.

It's crucial that we all continue to share the project with your friends and family and if you haven't donated yet – please do so! We know a lot of people have been waiting for pay day so we're excited for the weekendThere are some great rewards up on the site, including entry to our premiere screening & after party for just £15. There will be some free booze (so we practically give you your £15 back!), and some amazing live acts and DJ’s which we will be announcing throughout the campaign.

Charli is off to MIPTV, the world's entertainment content market with her work on Friday and will be spreading the word about Dirty Laundry to industry contacts. Keep your fingers crossed and watch the FacebookTwitter for updates! 

It's also Jason's birthday on Thursday, so what better time to be generous!


The hugely talented singer/Songwriter Le Chat will be performing at our Dirty Laundry Pilot Premiere & Party, including the first ever live performance of her track, Run, written exclusively for the web-series.  Check out her songs on Soundcloud now


Thank you again to everyone for your continued support.

Jason & Charli