A while ago, we had an idea for a really powerful film that nearly didn't happen due to the lack of the right resources for the project. However, the story was really important to us and we fought every single day, (this is true), for it to happen and, now, we can't quite believe it's happening.

The film is about the current refugee crisis but in reverse and we have two British citizens leaving the UK in order to survive. We've all seen the refugee crisis on the news and the aim of this film is to portray a side of humanity. It's not about Syria, it's not about Brexit, it's about human beings and how we treat one another. SCI-FI offers the perfect genre to showcase sensitive subjects in an indirect way and give people permission to see things in a different light.

We took this idea to our writer Darren Rapier, (who works for BBC Eastenders - his last episode had rave reviews), and he created our script. Then Louis Savy (Founder of SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival) loved the script and came on board - which helped us to then collaborate with Debbie Wiseman (the composer of BBC's Dickensian), Pegasus Street Artist (who has been all over the news with his incredible, controversial pieces), and on top of that, Marc Hutchings to supervise our Visual Effects, (Marc has worked on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy) - can you imagine how amazing our film will look with this level of VFX?

From the crew, we then started thinking about cast. People have always told me to aim high and work down from there. So I aimed for award winners, you know just for the hell of it, and well.. the cast includes Sophie Kennedy Clark who won a BAFTA for her role alongside Dame Judi Dench in Philomena, and also Frances Ruffelle, who won a Tony award for Best Actress in Les Miserables. Even writing that on paper, it's hard to read and even harder to believe. This is on top of Brian Bovell (Love Actually, Secrets and Lies, Hollyoaks), Michael Winder (Set the Thames on Fire, Misfits, The Tudors), and Annabel Bates (Luther).


Use of funds

We need VFX to make this futuristic world as beautiful and frighteningly believable as possible. The £10K covers us to complete the VFX, editor and have the budget for a very healthy festival life – which is surprisingly costly.  Everything is in place, we have a great idea, great people, great footage we just need the final piece of the puzzle to allow us to finish.

Whether you can give us a £1 or £5,000  - your contribution helps us to get closer to our goal. If you can’t support us financially, please support the project by reposting this video on your Facebook page and help us to get the word out.  If you know any communities that would be interested in hearing about our film then it would mean the world if you could share this with them.

As a small token of our appreciation we have some awesome rewards including a one-on-one script consultation with BBC writer Darren Rapier (worth £250+), signed posters, an exclusive 360 VR video of one of our scenes with Sophie Kennedy Clark and Frances Ruffelle along with unreleased stills from the actual footage and never-before-seen clips from the film.

Behind the Scenes images of cast and crew:



Hurdles & Hopes

Out of the blue, a very generous person invested £5K into our project and we also chipped in some more ourselves, and with that we were lucky enough to have the awesome people we have on board.  However, we're not there yet and SCI-FI was not the most expensive part of the process.

We've shot the film and have all of the footage BUT what we need right now is money and support. If we can raise money for the Visual Effects and to complete the edit of the film then Marc Hutchings can make this happen and is ready to go - he can’t wait to get started.

We only have 30 days and we truly believe if we can raise this money the film will be a huge success! We would also love to thank you for helping with that so please see our list of perks below. 

Please help us!

Stills taken from footage captured:





There is no donation too small. Thank you for joining us on this journey – welcome to the team.




A personalised thank you message and a social media shout out, we wont forget how you helped us in making this happen!




Digital copy of the finished film ahead of public release and a social media shout out.




All of the above PLUS a selection of unseen stills from the footage, digital copies of our storyboard to show the making of and a thank you in the credits of the film.




All of the above PLUS a digital copy of the script, an invite to a private screening in Central London (transportation not included) with the cast, crew and film industry professionals*, AND a link to use on your phone of our 360 VR video which allows you to be part of one of our most crucial scenes, alongside Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena) Louise Salter (The Habit of Beauty) and Frances Ruffelle (Les Miserables). This immersive experience is one of the first of its kind!




All of the above PLUS a ‘Thank You’ credit on IMDb and an invite to a private screening in Central London (transportation not included) with the cast, crew and film industry professionals*. On top of this we’ll offer you the opportunity to be an extra in our SCI-FI-LONDON feature film (travel and accommodation are not covered by the production).


*cast appearance will be subject to the talent’s availability




All of the above PLUS a Thank You credit on IMDb and in the closing credits of the film and a small How to be Human-inspired limited edition Pegasus painting (delivered within the UK only).




All of the above PLUS an Associate Producer credit on IMDb and in closing credits of the film, a poster signed by the cast, a small How to be Human-inspired limited edition Pegasus painting (delivered within the UK only).




All of the above PLUS an Executive Producer credit on IMDb and in main titles of the film, a signed poster with the cast and crew and a one hour workshop with either our BBC writer Darren Rapier (worth £250), our director Bruno Centofanti or our producer Louise Salter.




All of the perks of Freedom of Expression but we’ve signed a deal with the universe which will allow you 48 months of great karma. You’re making a real change to the world by allowing this film to get seen to audiences internationally with this donation. THANK YOU (seriously).




For £5000 and above, you will receive all of the perks of Freedom of Expression and we’d like to offer you to be a part of our film. When we go to our feature film we would love to invite you to one of our rehearsals, to connect to the very intimate moments of the process, and visit us for a day on the shoot, so you can see for yourself the magic happen. We would be happy to discuss the film so far and how we have got to where we are. It’s been very inspiring for us and it would be our pleasure to have you as part of our team**.

** the film will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation or other expenses incurred



For £5000 and above, we’d like to show our appreciate by sending you all of the perks of Freedom of Expression. but you will receive brand association not only throughout the marketing campaign but also will receive exposure through the 6000 attendees of SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival (the world’s largest genre-specific film festival) and your company or brand will also be associated with the feature film.



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Thank you so much for donating  and believing in this project as much as we do. It means a lot to have your support and have you join us on this exciting journey to help make this film a big success. Your donation has truly helped us and has motivated others to donate too. We've so far raised £880 in less than 24 hours and our video on How to be Human's Facebook page has over 150 shares and £8K views! If everybody who watched the video donated even £2, we'd be where we want to be with this. Please do encourage those around you to see that there is no such thing as a small donation: every donation counts!

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I'm looking forward to updating you with all the upcoming developments!

Louise Salter

Producer / How to be Human