We need your help in bringing this short film to life! By investing in Look Inside you not only get to be part of an exceptional short film, but you will also enable a group of talented filmmakers make the next step up in their careers.

Writer/director, Shiona Penrake’s screenplay Look Inside tells the story of a teenage girl called Estelle, something of a misfit, who discovers the secret to being liked in an unfriendly world just as she is about to give up all hope.

We hope you feel Look Inside is one of those rare films with a poignant and positive message that is brought to life by a unique vision./p>


Use of funds

The funds we are seeking to raise will be used for things like: building a set, hiring cameras and anamorphic lenses and CGI. The budget will also have to cover the cost of cast and crew, hire of kit, make-up, wardrobe, food and drink, travel and so on.

Even if we achieve the target fund, we recognise that as producer and director we are likely to have to contribute personally to post-production costs.


Funds at 70%

The core team heading up Look Inside consists of Nic Penrake, a senior creative in advertising and film producer, and Shiona (writer/director/editor).

During the campaign itself, Nic and Shiona have been working a few hours every day, sometimes late into the night, to leverage further interest in the project. Once the campaign is over, they will start pre-production, hunting for the best deals, wherever they can be found.


Hurdles & Hopes

Everyone who’s read the script has said how much they love it. Film professionals have said they believe Look Inside could do very well at big international film festivals, and might even get as far as nominated for a BAFTA.


We have an excellent female lead in Lydia Barnes and some very natural actors in support. Also a talented cinematographer – Lorenzo Levrini – with a great vision for the film and a production designer – Jonathan Brann – who has an excellent showreel and is fully on board with the director’s vision.

We continue to work hard to get the word out that this project is no ordinary short film and that being part of the journey in making it will be rewarding for the donors as well as for the filmmaking team – but we need people like you, who actually get this far reading the copy on our page to make a donation.

So, please donate today to invest in a bright future for the entire Look Inside team, from runner to camera assistant and director. Your contribution will be felt long after it’s been made!