Look Inside is one of those rare films with a poignant and positive message that is brought to life by a unique vision.

The screenplay by Shiona Penrake, a young Anglo Japanese writer/director, tells the story of a teenage girl called Estelle, something of a misfit, who discovers the secret to being liked in an unfriendly world just as she is about to give up all hope.

Look Inside is a creative project and is not associated with any commercial gain. Given that neither director nor producer is rolling in cash, the production cannot be full funded without outside help. Crowdfunding appears to be a viable way of achieving this.

A broad cross-section of people have been asked to comment on Look Inside and everyone, from industry professionals to ordinary punters, has given it a very big thumbs-up.


Use of funds

The target figure is pretty ambitious, we recognise. But we have no choice but to put it out there because as a short that requires a set build, anamorphic lenses and some CGI, favours alone won’t cut it. The budget will also have to cover the cost of cast and crew, hire of kit, food and drink, travel and so on.

Even if we achieve the target fund, we recognise that as producer and director we are likely to have to contribute personally to post-production costs.


Funds at 70%

The core team heading up Look Inside are Nic Penrake, a senior creative in advertising and film producer, and Shiona (writer/director/editor). They have been running a crowdsourcing campaign for around 3 months now in a bid to prime their potential audience prior to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.

During the campaign itself, Nic and Shiona will be tireless in their efforts to maintain and leverage further interest in the project. Once the campaign is over, Nic and Shiona will set about pre-production, hunting for the best deals wherever they may be found. It’s expected that the first costs will involve buying materials for the set build.


Hurdles & Hopes

All the industry professionals who have watched Shiona’s previous work and read the script have expressed the view that they believe Look Inside could do very well at big international film festivals, and might even get as far as nominated for a BAFTA.

One of the biggest hurdles the team face is the same every crowdfunder faces – getting interest people to dip into their pockets. This is totally understandable of course, and that’s why the filmmakers are working so hard to get the word out that this project is no ordinary short film and that being part of the journey in making it will be rewarding for the donors as well as for the filmmaking team.