A woman wakes up in a strange place, eerie and unfamiliar. She notices two figures, one naked, one in a black cloak. She can't see their faces and she's unnerved by the situation. She follows them out of curiosity and in an attempt to get out of this place. As time goes on and she finds herself returning to the same point over and over again and unable to get close to either of the two figures, she starts to get confused and disorientated and desperate to get out! But the ending reveals that perhaps she shouldn't have been so eager after all...

Marionette is a short film without any sound or dialogue that will be matched with a song titled "Marionettes" by Athena Hiotis. Natasha Marburger has written the script and will direct the film, with Kyle Titterton as producer. We want to create a high-quality film in order to take our careers to the next level. The film will also span continents as Athena is from the USA, and it also gives Natasha the opportunity to explore her creative side (as she's usually the producer!) and Kyle the opportunity to produce (as he's usually a writer/director).


Use of funds

We have already raised some finance through other sources, so this part of the funds will be spent on materials for the art department to make the scale model for the "doll world", the Marionette doll and the broken doll. We will also spend money on the hire of the location, as the hire of the studio in which we will film "doll world" and the VFX shots. Finally we will spend the remaining funds on hiring high-quality camera equipment and lenses.


Funds at 70%

As we have some finance already in place, we can still make a high-quality short film even if we only raise 70% via this crowd-funding page. We will have to scale back the art department and re-design the models and dolls to be able to do them on a smaller budget. We will simplify the shoot in order to scale back the location costs and minimise the time in the studio.


Hurdles & Hopes

Marionette is Natasha's debut film as Writer/Director. She has therefore surrounded herself with an amazing team of people. Kyle Titterton is an experienced filmmaker and together we are doing some fantastic projects. Marionette is a challenge as we are aiming for a very high quality film matched with an excellent song, and this should take us to the next level in our filmmaking careers. Making films is tough and we need you to help us on our way to making our dreams come true.



2 years ago

Marionette is completed!

Marionette is now finished!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped and supported the project. I hope you love the final film as much as I do - can't wait to share it with you all!

3 years ago

Wow - we are fully funded!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us! We are so excited!! Here is the design of the doll done by the amazingly talented James Murray. Hope you love the marionette as much as we do! :)

3 years ago

Art Department - James Murray!

James Murray's work orientates around his love of classic, hand-crafted mediums and his goal to bring new classics to future generations of young minds. Working primarily in stop-motion, using armatured puppets and paper models he visualises his imagination and that of his clients. Currently he hosts a stop-motion course for beginners at the Kent Adult Education centre in Tunbridge Wells, where his students are learning everything from creating a concept through to building their armatures and animating their own films. As an artist, James unceasingly seeks new sources of inspiration in order to expand his exploration of how to reach an audience and communicate ideas. His Christian faith has had a huge impact on his work, and this Easter he is participating in the Unveiling Festival on 18th, 19th & 20th March. In it's second year, this art exhibition explores the story of Easter and the characters involved. You can see his previous work here:

3 years ago

NEWSFLASH - CR2 Studios - Callum Teggin

Hi I'm Callum, I am one of the two directors of CR2 Studios based down in Peckham.

I have been a commercial photographer for the last 15 years, shooting every thing form luxury

yachts to cufflinks, (Using models or not!) . Being a lighting “gladiator” in the studio, or on

location I am more than happy using both strobe and constant, or both if the shot demands it.

Though my years as a photographer I have also gained many years experience being a post

production “warrior”, allowing me to flex my creative muscles.

I have also spent some of my time over the years being an assembly editor, video camera operator

and lighting tech on many film productions.

I am delighted to be part of the exciting team of creatives on Marionette, and very happy that my

self and CR2 can be part of it.

3 years ago

Athena's Best Dream/Worst Nightmare video

In anticipation of Kyle Titterton's sister project, here is Athena's Best Dream/Worst Nightmare video:

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

3 years ago

NEWSFLASH - make-up artist confirmed!

Welcome to our fantastic make-up artist Lucy Peach! 

Lucy Peach, founder of Peachy Looks is a freelance makeup artist based in Central London, she specialises in special effects for film and still photography, but also creates and designs fashion and beauty looks working hand in hand with a number of photographers, published work includes the front cover of Kultur Magazine, issue 38.2 October 2014. Lucy has worked on many short films, 'Metamorphosis', a Sci Fi film written and directed by Paul Van Beaumont, 'The lives of good people' and 'Forbidden Love' written and directed by Tom Luc Sahara other credits can be seen on her IMDB page:

3 years ago

NEWSFLASH - puppeteer confirmed!!

A huge welcome to another awesome member of the team - Rebekah Caputo

Rebekah is a puppeteer, puppet maker, shadow artist and theatre deviser based between Leeds, UK and Aarhus, Denmark. She writes and performs with Odd Doll Puppetry, working primarily in rod, object manipulation and shadow. As well as collaborating with many different interdisciplinary artists to create performance, installations and site specific work. For this project Rebekah will manipulate with a carved wooden marionette she built whilst training with John Roberts.

3 years ago

Executive Producers - threecatsinlimbo

threecatsinlimbo Productions was started in 2013by Angela Perry & Rahul Prasad as a  continuation of their desire to create content for film & TV with a strong social focus that drives conversation and a healthy debate amongst it’s audience. Our aim is to entertain and inform audiences. In 2014, their short film “Some Kind of Beautiful” was selected to screen at Cannes Short Film Corner and in 2015 won the Jury Award at Lady Film-makers Festival, Beverly Hills and won Best Actor (Annette Crockford) at Made in Melbourne Film Festival. Angela has recently associate-produced “Emo: The Musical”, an Australian feature film directed by Neil Triffett and produced by Lee Matthews. Rahul has a draft of a emotional drama called “Heat” set in the high pressure world of restaurant kitchens in development and together Rahul & Angela have optioned a low-budget survival thriller script “Off Road” by Adam Schmerl. 

Our portfolio is diverse and includes drama, comedy, documentaries, shorts, music videos and feature films. Our aim is to support young and upcoming talent within the Australian film industry and create awareness around gender diversity to encourage and nurture women film-makers and emerging film-makers from multi-cultural backgrounds.


3 years ago

Midway update + THANK YOU!

So we are at the midway point of the campaign and we want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! We are three quarters of the way to our funding target already!! Keep donating and sharing and help us make these crazy dreams come to life! 

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3 years ago


We have some super exciting news - Natasha and Kyle will be on LONDON LIVE talking about Marionette, film, and lots more. Exciting times!!

3 years ago

Some influences.

Marionette is about a woman who finds herself trapped in a dream-scape and follows strange figures in attempt to get out. Images of a miniature-world inhabited by a marionette puppet will be juxtaposed with the live action; “doll world” will be a scale-model of the real-world set, and the marionette will be an exact replica of the lead actress. Natasha wants to make an original story that does not follow traditional storytelling conventions and explores other narrative techniques. Her influences include Expressionism and films such as The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) and Nosferatu (1922), Surrealism, the films and dream-like landscapes of Tim Burton and many others. Here is a selection:

3 years ago

Lead actress Peach Peach!

Ladies and gentlemen - the incredible Peach Peach!

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

3 years ago

66% in 9 days!

Thank you everyone for your support and donations! 

3 years ago

Rachel Anderson

Our lead actress is also an amazing musician - check her out here:

3 years ago

NEWSFLASH - lead actress confirmed - Rachel Anderson

We are delighted to announce that we have secured the wonderful actress Rachel Anderson - a.k.a. Peach Peach - for the lead role in Marionette. Peach Peach has been a long time collaborator with Kyle, their most critically acclaimed work being the harrowing short film Trial: https //

This will be her first film working with Natasha who chose her primarily because she thought she could handle portraying the dual nature of a character who can be both strong and fearless yet also vulnerable and lost. She is currently working with the talented up and coming Bulgarian director, Odet Tulmond, on their second film together.

Peach Peach is a wickedly talented singer/songwriter and a well known face on the Scottish performance circuit. She recently performed in Berlin, a city she adores. She is also part of the vibrant Decagram community - a collective of creatives who focus very much on all aspects of live music and performances and is currently working on a new EP.

She's also a phunky artist who specialises in both live performance art as well as more traditional forms. In fact she's all round fairly awesome and we can't wait to work with her! 

If you'd like to support our film and our collaboration with Peach Peach please go onto this page to see our pitch video and if you can donate some money - no matter how little - or even just share this page it would mean the world to us. Thank you!

3 years ago

Kyle Titterton

For those of you who don't know him and are wondering whom Natasha has teamed up with on Marionette; Kyle Titterton is a 36 year Scottish filmmaker based in London. He has a Masters in filmmaking from Kingston University and has worked on a number of films in a variety of capacities: predominantly as director and writer. He's also as experienced actor and in fact it was at the premiere of the ambitious low budget feature film that he met Natasha Marburger. You can watch a clip of his performance here in Neil Rolland's cracking debut feature Take It Back And Start All Over:

His most critically acclaimed film was the boxing/dancing drama 3 Rounds which he wrote and directed. It was based on incidents from when his youth and focuses on the struggle of a couple to achieve their dreams while confronting demons from the past. He got to work with long time friend Louise Douglas, a superb dancer and actress, which made the project extra special. If you want to watch Kyle get punched repeatedly you can watch the whole 15 minute film here. He's very proud of it: 

As well as directing and writing Kyle is an accomplished editor. In fact, one of the rewards on the crowd funding campaign is an editing session with Kyle himself. This test dance shoot he shot recently with the wonderful dancer Rosie Pearson is a good example of his approach to editing, punchy and in-your-face:

With Marionette he has taken the mantle of Producer, a role he has filled on a number of short films before but this represents his most ambitious film as Producer to date. As the Director Natasha is predominantly a Producer they're both really excited by this as it'll allow them to expand our skill set while using their extensive respective experience to help each other achieve the most exciting film they can make. 

Longer term they are looking to collaborate on a feature film entitled The Sinister Cabaret, a film Kyle wrote and will direct with Natasha producing. Marionette will be a vital step in moving closer to this as it'll give them both a collective calling card. Marionette is also going to be totally brilliant in its own right! Please support their campaign in any way you can. All donations no matter how small mean the world to them and even by sharing this you will help greatly by spread the word.

3 years ago

Athena Hiotis and the band RÊVE

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Athena Hiotis is a musician, producer, and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. She studied music at the University of Maryland at College Park where she majored in Philosophy and Music. With a penchant for a wide range of music, she began writing and producing professionally in styles ranging from pop to rock to classical. Athena co-founded PopRiot Music Group, a boutique record label and production/songwriter house. Currently, performs with RÊVE and Erica Ashley.

The song “Marionettes” is off of RÊVE’s upcoming record called “La Marionnette”. RÊVE is an art-rock band from the Mid-Atlantic in the United States. Their fusion of classical and rock instrumentation along with avant-garde tints have made their sound truly unique and cinematic, bringing together visual and artistic elements that always give the audience member and listener an experience.

The band has sold out shows and continues to play to enthusiastic fans in the US and Canada. It is clear from their performance, visual expression, and music that they are bringing something new and intoxicating to the table. They are releasing their new music film “Maid of Heaven” starring Hollywood actor, Steve Agee on Feb 16, 2016.


3 years ago

Best Dream/Worst Nightmare

Over the past few weeks, Producer Kyle Titterton has been working on a sister project to Marionette;  a compilation of short videos that people have sent in of them talking about their best dreams and worst nightmares. Here is a teaser for the videos, which will be uploaded soon. 

<iframe webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

3 years ago

Natasha Marburger

Hi everyone! Here is some more information about me. 

My first ambition in life was to be a referee for men's world cup football. Then I wanted to be an acrobat, which would have been slightly problematic for someone with a fear of heights, and after that I was determined to be a magician - all the excitement of fire and illusion! Finally after many crazy ideas, I ended up a Film Producer – perhaps the craziest of all?!

Maintaining consistency in living life to it's craziest, my first ever film was a no-budget feature-length Sci-Fi Thriller (yes, really) titled Hotspot (2013), Directed by Vitor Vilela. It was completed in April 2013 and premiered at the London Independent Film Festival after which I took it to Cannes and pitched it to as many people as would listen – securing a sales and distribution deal with LBYL.

Since then I've had a number of Producing roles (Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Producer, Production Manager) on many shorts, of which all completed films have been accepted into film festivals worldwide:

Shallow (2012), directed by Will Bridges and starring Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, The Guest), was in competition at the Krakow International Film Festival, Palm Springs Short Film Festival and Short Shorts.

This Love (2012) directed by Joseph Warley was accepted into the Cannes Short Film Corner.

Bleached (2013), directed by Katie Pow and starring Maxim Wrottesley, was part of the Underwire Women's Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival.

Dress Rehearsal (2014) directed by Clemens Bros. Was accepted into the Great Lakes International Film Festival.

Dust (2015), starring Paul Barber (The Full Monty, Only Fools and Horses) and directed by Dan Gage, and A Spectre Calls (2016) directed by Howard J Ford and starring John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, James Bond) are in Post-Production.

I am currently developing a feature-length film with Writer-Director Kyle Titterton; it's a psychological thriller, very weird and surreal, much like Marionette! Another weird and surreal project is a promotional video by Writer-Director (and amazing artist!) Manfred Marburger starring Melissa Jean Woodside - titled Danse Macabre (2016) - coming soon!

The Beyond Illusion Pictures networking event in Central London started when I thought it'd be fun to have a BIP Christmas party for film-maker friends and creatives – since then it has exploded into a huge community of around 150 creatives who come for a drink to connect and potentially collaborate with each other. Next step – world domination!

Find out more at

3 years ago

Marionette launch party SUCCESS!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Beyond Illusion Pictures networking event and Marionette launch party last night - what an amazing evening! Lots of love to all of you and huge thanks to everyone who shared and posted about us - keep sharing this page on Twitter and Facebook, liking the Facebook page at, and donate if you can for some exciting exclusives! Check out the photos from the night: