Magic Maverick are an interdisciplinary theatre company using music, song and shadow puppetry to make engaging political theatre for families and young people.
Our show, Moonshine's Entirely Necessary Adventure has been programmed at the Ovalhouse for their premiere season of work for young people, but we need your help
to make it a success.

Moonshine is a girl of thirteen with silver skin and a fierce thirst for adventure. She spends most days battling the armies of doom in the safety of her own mind,
but as a powerful voice turns her forest home into a place of fear, she starts to ask questions which make the adventure dangerously real.

On her journey she encounters wolves, pirates, mermaids and a stormy ride through the skies in a quest to challenge the greedy Corporation.
Filled with live music, shadow puppetry and clowning, Moonshine introduces a female hero for a modern generation of all genders.


Use of funds

The exciting opportunity for us at Ovalhouse is that we have more space to flourish in than we've ever had before. It means we can be more ambitious with our technical

and set design.

We are working with a lighting designer to create a magical space, combined with a much more intricate set, which includes a gigantic moon! We are also at the point now

where some of our materials have become worn with overuse and need replacing to maintain a high production value.

Any funding we don't use on this production will go as a direct investment into the company to support our touring possibilities.


- Artist Support

- Set Materials

- Lighting design

- Projector for shadow puppets


Funds at 70%

If we don't raise the necessary funds the company director and producer have agreed to waver their fees in order to continue to support our artists, as this is important to

our company policy.

We will have some support from Ovalhouse in some of our production costs, but this won't be enough to fully realise our potential, and therefore your support is vital.


Hurdles & Hopes

Like many young companies, the main hurdles we face are financial. Being resident artists at the Roundhouse has meant that we've had the time and space to

really perfect the content of this show, meaning that our budget is greatly subsidised. But we need that one last push to get us to the finish line.

What we hope is that we can use this platform at the Ovalhouse to generate a tour of Moonshine to take it to many people young people around the country. Our aim is

to create a tour pack out of photos and video and testimonials from these two performances, this will go out to venues so that we can programme a full summer tour

in 2018 during the summer holidays to both entertain and inspire young people around the UK!

It's by doing this we hope we can become self sufficient, funding ourselves with our tour work in order to continue developing further shows.



1 year ago

Update from tech!

Hello everyone!

Coming to you from tech right this very moment. We're in and we're very nearly there. 

Its been a brilliant week of rehearsal, our shiny new cast member Jessica has been brilliant. We've hoisted our moon made for us by the brilliant Emma and we've had a lot of excellent support from all the team at the Ovalhouse. 

Thank you! for all your support. We couldn't have got here without you. More photos will appear over the weekend of what you've helped us create. 

Magic Maverick x