A brief synopsis of this short film would be that we are making a musical comedy based on a female heroine. The Character is using a skill she gained as a child (pillow fighting) to fight petty crime in her late teenage years. Concluding the film is a fight at the end with her old best friend, who was not as good in that activity as she was, so she took what seems to be serious measures to get revenge.

Pillow Girl will be a musical comedy in the format of moving image at no more than 10 minutes long. The piece will be colourful and fun which will be contrasted with humour throughout the film. The overall aim of this piece is to show the way an activity undertaken as a child could affect them psychologically in the future. For example, a Barbie doll played with so innocently as a child could have an effect on the way that child perceives his/her own beauty values as an adult, or how a fall from a moving bicycle, could hinder the child from undertaking an interest in this particular activity for the rest of their life. We plan to show this psychological switch throughout the musical using a time hop from the characters being children to young adults/ teenagers, so that we can make the audience see a drastic change in how the characters see the activities they took part in as a child. As well as whether or not the skills gained from these activities could be seen as useful for them. Finally we also want to make this musical as fun as possible for the audience in order to give the feel that they all still have a part of their childhood with them throughout the entirety of the adult lives they lead now.


Use of funds

The use of these funds will be mainly towards the expenses of our cast and crew so we can afford to hire the best people possible for the roles we require so that you our fans, can have the fantastic short film you all deserve.


Funds at 70%

We will complete our project with reduced funds if necessary as we have planed for contingency and have budgeted tightly, along side using bake sales to raise extra money for our film.


Hurdles & Hopes

Our hurdles for this would mainly be in the use of child actors as a lot of paper work goes into working with children, however this is only a small hurdle as it is possible with good organisation and the film its self will be fun and quirky with the use of children. 

Our hopes for this film are that it succeeds and is as fun as we want it to be, we want to be able to send this to film festivals in the future in order to boost our careers as new film makers.