Hei Studios, is a registered UK production company (10670349), involved in transmedia storytelling, having created a vast universe of worlds, characters and Romances; Seeking Scarlet the animated film, merely being a part of which.

Asem wanders the streets of the city of Polis Earth, searching for connection, for conversation, for something in other people she can cling to. That's all she wants as she tries to walk away from her past of using her phenomenal abilities to fight terrible evil, to protect her people and win back the world. Evil to which she lost and which brutalised her. She is now trying to heal and maybe, just maybe love again; in a city where time is not linear and where the blaring lights are populated by wonders, spirits, gods and things far more amazing.

A world very much like ours is faced with a crisis as the people of the Deepa Wali are forced from their land by the terrible 'Great Secret Keeper'. The amazing heroine - Asem, opposes him but loses. Knowing that he draws his power from hatred, she feels the world chose him over her. Heart broken, she retreats to the global capital of Polis Earth, where all people are welcome, where cultures blend and co-exist. If love can conquer anywhere, it's there. Petra, a barista at a community cafe, powerless and hopeful falls in love with Asem and begins a crusade to touch Asem's heart and show her that she is loved, that she is wanted and that it's okay to love the world again. And in doing so, save it.


Use of funds

We hope to create the first 3-5 minutes and are seeking to raise an initial £15,000 to do so.  With three animators, -Lead, Key and Inbetween, this will require £4,500, £1,000 for a 3D modeller, £1,500 for character and background design, £1,500 for writing and direction, £500 for music, £500 for editing and sound production, £1,000 for voice art and £1,000 for studio space, £2,000 for equipment and £1,500 for producer costs.


Funds at 70%

At 70% funds, we can produce 1-2 minute trailer to really show audiences what this project is capable of being and make that a truly compelling piece of art in itself.


Hurdles & Hopes

We hope to tell a story that people of all culture and backgrounds will be able to relate to and resonate with. It is our twofold goal to enchant people's imagination and inspire each of us to be empathetic, open minded and openhearted.

The film will be part Parisian romance, part fairy tale and war drama, presenting audiences with the tale of a superhero the likes of which they have never seen before, drawing on global cultures and aesthetics.  We intend to use the latest methods in combining two dimensional and three dimensional animation, as seen in Pixar's 'Paper Man' and Japan's Studio UFOTable.  Our method of storytelling takes particular inspiration from Eastern traditions of animated film, with a focus on 'perspective' rather than 'action' and on subtleties and emotion to tell a story.

We hope to create the first 3-5 minutes of a 25-45 minute film and are seeking to raise an initial £15,000 to do so in time for Block Party Animation Festival in New York this summer. It is our aim to complete the full 25-45 minute film by 2019.

Animation is a challenge and is very time consuming, but we believe that by paying artists and staff by salary rather than commission, we will be able to commit ourselves fully to the project and in so doing, create something truly extraordinary.



1 year ago

We have produced a Thematic and Atmospheric Preview!

 An intimate and abstract piece, in which you have to keep your eyes open and your heart still, Asem has suffered a terrible defeat, all her power could not protect the world or herself.  But a passing, affectionate encounter with another person fills her with hope and passion.

This short follows Asem for a very brief moment as she spends time by herself in the forests on the outskirts of the city, and contemplates a way to express her joy; spirits, gods and odder things drawn to her hope and her power.

Inspired by Arabic aesthetics, the piece features audio from female poets, reciting love poems as the backdrop to this moment in Asem's life.

The story is told through nuance and detail, rather than spectacle.

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1 year ago

Distributor Secured

We have secured a distributor to produce an ongoing Seeking Scarlet series and are listed on the 2017-18 slate!