We all love movies. They change us, affect us, help us escape and encourage us to reflect. We often praise their stars and directors but moviemaking is a collaborative process and all too often we forget the exceptionally talented craftspeople that play crucial roles in bringing our films to life. Of course, film is a visual medium and consequently, there is one process historically less appreciated than all others... the SOUND.

Without SOUND and MUSIC, our movies would be little more than scenes void of atmospheres, actions without impact and stories with no tone or feeling. It is the sound design and mixing that make us believe in the world of a film and the music that helps us to process the emotional journeys of the characters. Since the dawn of the digital revolution, cinema has grown considerably in scale and spectacle and with it, an ever-growing demand has been placed on sound maestros to ensure audiences are fully immersed in the movie going experience. As such, we feel the time is right to give SOUND and MUSIC the full recognition it deserves and bring both from the background to the foreground.

The SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL is the world's first dedicated celebration of cinematic SOUND and MUSIC and will take place in Bournemouth between 12 - 15 October. Our short film programme will screen films around the world, uniquely selected for their cutting edge or distinctive use of sound or music or both. The festival will host a series of SOUND and MUSIC masterclasses with our judges and industry experts, feature interactive film themed sound installations throughout festival venues and on the closing night, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's Kokoro will perform a live score to Alfred Hitchcock's iconic movie Blackmail.

We have gone to great efforts to assemble an award-winning and industry acclaimed festival jury to judge the MUSIC and SOUND of all films screening in competition and attend the closing awards ceremony:

Glenn Freemantle -Oscar-winning Sound Designer for his work on Alfonso Cuar's GRAVITY with hundreds of notable credits including Danny Boyle's TRAINSPOTTING films and Slumdog Millionaire.

Rupert Gregson-Williams -Emmy-nominated composer and creator of iconic for scores for blockbusters such as TARZAN, HACKSAW RIDGE and Wonder Woman.

Natalie Holt -Award-winning TV composer and holder of an Ivor Novello for her score on the BBC series THE HONOURABLE WOMEN starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Now we need your support to help make the festival even bigger and better than it already is.

Short Sounds is an official part of the Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Fringe Festival and will be held in venues across Bournemouth including Pavilion Dance South West, the Hilton Hotel and Bar So.

By pledging support through this Phundee campaign you will be helping to the cover cost of the festival venues, guest speaker travel, accommodation and the various interactive sound experiences we have planned. There are numerous benefits and ways to get involved including, becoming a festival patron, buying merchandise or tickets for events in advance or by pledging a submission fee and submitting your film to be considered by our judges. Phundee campaign you will be helping to the cover cost of the festival venues, guest speaker travel, accommodation and the various interactive sound experiences we have planned. There are numerous benefits and ways to get involved including, becoming a festival patron, buying merchandise or tickets for events in advance or by pledging a submission fee and submitting your film to be considered by our judges.

We feel the time has never been better to launch a film festival like SHORT SOUNDS here in Bournemouth. The town has the fastest growing digital and creative community in the UK with a wide range of successful events including the Bournemouth Visual Effects Festival, Silicon Beach and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

We hope you feel the same way about SHORT SOUNDS as we do and want to see Bournemouth on the map as a destination for film and the arts, so please do get involved and we hope to see you with us in October.

Free your ears from the monotony of noise and exhilarate them with the glory of cinematic sound and music only at the SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL.


Use of funds

Your pledges will help in several ways. By supporting the festival, becoming a patron or sponsor or buying tickets in advance you will be helping us to the cover cost of the venues, guest speaker travel and accommodation and the ambitious interactive sound installations we wish to put in place to ensure the festival experience is a fully immersive one.


Alongside the festival we hope to have as many weird, wonderful and creative VR and sound related experiences as possible, joining in creative unison the areas of artistic exhibition, modern technology and cutting edge ingenuity. Your pledges will allow us to host some amazing experiences and ensure the festival appeals to a wider audience beyond that of the film making community and those less likely to interested in our film programme and industry masterclasses.


To ensure this happens, your pledges will be used to bring exciting experimental sound and VR exhibitions to the festival and the more pledges we receive, the funkier experiences we can offer.  Once fully funded, additional monies raised will also be used to invite more celebrity film speakers from across the world to be a part of our jury and attend festival events.


Your pledges will help bring to the festival:


         Audio illusions

         VR experimental experiences

         Sound exhibitions

         World-class seminars and talks

This amalgamation of film, sound, art, technology and education will offer a truly unique festival, all underpinned by the omnipresent world of music and sound.  With your support, we hope that the festival programme will look like this:


Thurs 12th Oct: 

  • 12 - 1 PM: Opening ceremony
  • 1.30 - 3 PM: Factual Shorts strand
  • 3.30 - 5 PM: The Magic of Foley - Live Sound Workshop
  • 5.30 - 7 PM: Narrative Shorts strand (Drama) 
  • 7.30- 9 PM: MASTERCLASS: Natalie Holt - Composing for award winning TV

Friday 13th Oct:

  • 12.30 - 2 PM: Animation & Family Shorts strand
  • 2.30 - 4 PM: MASTERCLASS: Glenn Freemantle - The Art of Oscar winning Sound
  • 4.30 - 6 PM: Narrative Shorts Strand (Genre)
  • 6.30 - 8 PM: MASTERCLASS: Rupert Gregson-Williams - Composing for Hollywood
  • 8.30 - 9 PM: Festival Awards Ceremony
  • 9 - 11 PM:  Festival After Party (B-Reel)

Sat 14th Oct:

  • 12 - 2 PM: Sound design workshop
  • 2 - 4 PM: Composing workshop
  • 4 - 6 PM: "From Kickstarter to TV" - Micro-budget film workshop with White Lantern Film

Sun 15th Oct:

  • 7 - 10 PM Screening Alfred Hitchcock, Blackmail (1929) movie with live score performance by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s ensemble Kokoro

For supporters who make pledges which include VIP rewards, we are planning a series of additional events:


Thurs 12th Oct: Festival launch lunch & evening reception

Fri 13th Oct: VIP After Party with festival jury and celebrity guests

Sun 15th Oct: 'Meet and Greet' with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Kokoro


The Short Sounds Film Festival is a world first; a truly world-class film festival in Bournemouth to spearhead the local creative and screen sectors and stand as a beacon of recognition for music and sound design both here in the UK and internationally.



Funds at 70%

When your pledges reach 70% of our goal, we will be able to offer an incredible experience this year and build firm foundations for 2018.  At 100% we will have the funding to bring some exciting guests speakers, sound and VR experiences to the festival to attract young people and families who would not normally interact with a film festival and if we are fortunate enough to exceed the total, we can invite more world-class industry experts in sound design, music composition and filmmaking to the festival from further afield and offer an opportunity to connect with key film industry figures from  Los Angeles and New York.  We will also be able to programme events in larger venues at peak times such as Bournemouth’s cutting edge iSense cinema in the new BH2 Odeon. In addition to this. Any increase in our goal target will enable us to increase the number of intimate seminar workshops and raise the profile of the festival globally.

Please help us make SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL a reality by pledging now and shouting about this Phundee campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

The world is full of NOISE, loud, raw and unrelenting on our ear drums…but in the temple of cinema, noise is refined, filtered and sculpted into the majesty of SOUND.


Hurdles & Hopes

The first annual event will take place between 12th – 15th October in Bournemouth, the venue is booked, the jury confirmed and filmmakers are already submitting short films from across the world to win one of the prestigious awards.  We aim to make the SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL the number one destination film festival for music and sound design in the world and with your help, we can ensure that the first festival achieves this and much more.


We have a logistical and operational plan in place with scheduled marketing and promotional activities to ensure the festival reaches the widest possible audience.  By pledging to this campaign you will be helping to ensure the strongest possible foundations can be put in place prior to October to ensure this first annual outing is a success and can be scaled further in the years to come.


By pledging, shouting about and sharing festival news, you can help encourage filmmakers to submit their short films.  We are looking for the best short films, VR experiences and music scores from around the world in the following categories.


Competing for these awards:


Only with your pledges and support for this campaign can we be sure that the festival will fulfil its primary objective of becoming the world’s leading festival for cinematic sound and music.



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Less than 24 hours to go & new jury members


Our offer on discounted day passes finishes tomorrow (Friday 11th August) so don't forget to grab one whilst you still can to help us reach our target.

This also applies to the early bid fees on all film submissions so if you have a film ready to submit then don't delay and make sure you get in before midnight tomorrow:

https //

https //…/03t_…/03t_fin_fest_01over.php…

In other news, we are delighted to welcome on board the wonderful James Harrison to the festival jury!

http //

Having worked as Lead Sound Designer for Ridley Scott on The Martian, Exodus & Kings and The Counselor, James is recognized as being one of the top men in the Hollywood sound game and is excited to be joining Glenn Freemantle and Maike Helmers as part of the sound judging team at this year's festival.

Got your pass and ready for October? Then find out what Bournemouth University Lecturer & Short Sounds Ambassador Steve Rafter (Also of local sound outfit BOMO Audio - ) has to say about the significance of the festival here...

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1 year ago

New Panels and Sponsors

New industry panels confirmed for Thursday 12th

Festival Organisers White Lantern Film have arranged two industry panels for Thursday 12th October to provide key insights into the landscape of the British film industry and deliver valuable advice on developing successful collaborative relationships. 

'Making it in movies' - British Film Industry Panel with representatives from the British Film Institute (BFI), UK Broadcasters and reputable distributors

'The music of movies' - An exploration of the Director/Composer relationship with award winning Directors and Composers.

Guest speakers for both panels will be announced between now and the 10th September and we are currently in discussion with some reputable household names for both.

To secure your ticket, pledge now for a Thursday day pass on Phundee.

Individual tickets will go on sale from August and will be priced at £10. 

KIN and join as festivals sponsors

We are delighted to welcome on board KIN and as official Short Sounds Festival Sponsors and this has seen us move significantly closer towards our overall required funding target. Both companies are market leaders within their respective creative industries and we look forwards to working closely with them to deliver an inspiring festival that appeals to both film lovers and the professional film community.


Kin is a new concept in collaborative working and living spaces, rethinking how we live, work and play - creating creative and ambitious communities, beautifully designed shared spaces and brilliant on-site resources. The first exciting property launches in Bournemouth in late 2018 before expansion across the UK. Co-live Co-work. With Kin. offers a next generation platform for creators of original pitches for TV, Film & Digital Media to connect directly with Hollywood Producers and Studio Executives and gives creators industry pro advice on how to pitch a television show or feature film. Pitch your idea for a Movie, Screenplay, Television Show, Short Film, New Media Project and more directly to the likes of Discovery Studios, Discovery Network, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television, New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers.

As part of's official sponsorship of Short Sounds, all festival winners will be awarded annual subscriptions to the platform and the opportunity to submit multiple pitches to scouting development executives.

1 year ago

Bournemouth Uni joins the jury & discounted submission fees

Bournemouth University's Maike Helmers joins Festival Jury

We are delighted to welcome on board Bournemouth University's Head of Post Production Sound Maike Helmers to the Short Sounds Festival Jury.

Following an illustrious career designing sound for TV and film, Maike left the BBC to join BU in 1997 as a Senior Lecturer and start the UK's first MA in Post Production Sound. The course is now recognized globally as an industry leader in the field of  sound and Maike has been instrumental in mentoring many key players working in the industry today.

Early bird submission fees for the remainder of the campaign

To celebrate the final 20 days of the Phundee campaign, we're going back to early bird fees for the next one hundred film and score submissions.

Simply head to the official Short Sounds Festival Pages on Film Freeway or Withoutabox and enter the waiver code SSFF100.

We look forward to sharing your work with the jury.

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MASTERCLASS CONFIRMED - 'The Art of Oscar Winning Sound' with Glenn Freemantle + help us reach our 2K mid campaign goal by Sunday 18th

'The Art of Oscar Winning Sound'

Join Oscar Winning Sound Designer Glenn Freemantle for a discussion on all things blockbuster movie sound and his journey to the top of the film industry on Friday 13th October.

With over thirty years experience working on over a hundred films with Pinewood based outfit sound 24 alongside the likes of Danny Boyle, Richard Curtis and Thomas Vinterberg, Glenn has seen and heard it all! Picking up the Oscar for his outstanding audible contribution to Alfonso Cuaron's groundbreaking 2013 sci-fi hit 'Gravity', Glenn has become a champion of young sound technicians and is now considered a true pioneer in the field of cutting edge sound design.

To guarantee your ticket for this event, pledge for a day pass on Phundee now.

Help us reach our mid campaign goal of 2k by the end of Sunday 18th

We've had a great first week on Phundee with all VIP tickets for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's live score to Hithcock's Blackmail have now sold out! The campaign has hit the 5% funded milestone and now we're looking to push on past that 10% mark. Pledge before Sunday for a festival day pass (Or a larger exclusive) and we'll throw in an Official Short Sounds Festival bag.

Short Sounds Closing Night Party hosted by B-Reel

The Short Sounds Film Festival Closing Night Party on Friday 13th October will be hosted by B-Reel. This prestigious gala event will be festival themed with a cinematic sound and music vibe and will be attended by the Short Sounds jury including Wonder Woman Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams and Oscar winning Sound Designer Glenn Freemantle. Discounted tickets can be reserved by pledging for a festival day pass on Phundee with a limited number available nearer the time.

Don't miss the opportunity to pledge your support now and guarantee your place at Bournemouth’s premier event for film.

1 year ago

MASTERCLASS CONFIRMED - 'Scoring for Hollywood' with Wonder Woman's Rupert Gregson-Williams

Join Wonder Woman Composer & Short Sounds Jury Member Rupert Gregson Williams as he explores the musical journey that has lead him to scoring some of Hollywood's biggest movies.

Having worked with the likes of Mel Gibson, Patty Jenkins, David Yates and Adam Sandler on over fifty films, Rupert will provide a unique and authentic insight into the landscape of the modern film industry and the workings of big budget film scores.

To guarantee your ticket for this event, pledge for a day pass on Phundee now.