Something told me to wake up is my first art installation, designed to provoke thought of our own perspective. This multi-sensory experience reflects my life-long interest in observing natures origin of life and the realisation of the impermanence and uncertainty of existence.

It features ten drawings, three canvases, a video projection on the surface of 3500 hand-crafted ceramic leaves and an audio recording with four channels running at the same time in loop. Furthermore the installation is complemented by a website where everybody can interact and share their unique point of view.

The initial triggers were a serendipitous ink accident and long walks down my beloved Lea River.

The inspiration for the hanging installation came from the weeping willow tree, looking like a concrete silver jungle of 3500 ceramic leaves suspended by wires and strings from the ceiling.

As E E. Cummings said "Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question."

When I have my usual long walks down the river, the same questions come to my mind again and again: how to deal with change, the meaning of time and distance, how to connect with myself, others and nature, what lies underneath the surface, am I awake?

As a consequence of my own enquiries I've sent a questionnaire to thirty friends around the world who had audio recorded themselves, having as a result their thoughts in nine different languages.

The material is edited in four channels. There will be four speakers in each corner of the space. Therefore what you will listen is up to where you are standing in the room.


Use of funds

All of the funds raised here will go towards covering the following production costs:

Materials, framing, tech equipment, art transport and the project's website.

Also I will be donating part of the funds to "Macmillan Cancer Support".


Funds at 70%

I will still be able to complete my art installation with reduced funds, I am resourceful and in an ideal situation where I will be able to cut down on some expenses if necessary. The most important thing is for this project to get made, and I will most definitely find a way to do that even with 70% of my target.


Hurdles & Hopes

By utilising these subjects I attempt to inspire people to realign with themselves and their surroundings, to nurture the ability to encounter each other authentically and to realize that our life is just a parenthesis in the eternity.

My aim is that the spectator experiences some enjoyment. It’s a space to let go, to stimulate the senses, to explore by your own intuition, to discover invisible links that maintain universal connections and to pause and calm down in search of what’s instinctive.

It will bring you in and out of yourself. Furthermore it’s a celebration of this ever-evolving life. This is a calling to wake up!

My love, dedication and commitment with this project is huge. I´ve been working in it for the last year almost every day, late nights, early mornings, Monday to Monday, I even have used my last savings! The project will be exhibited in London with plans for a future tour in Buenos Aires and Bangkok.

For more updates, you can follow my journey on my website and social media.

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2 years ago


Massive thanks to all of you that has helped to raise funds for MacMillan. You are legends ???? ?

2 years ago


Big thanks to everyone that has been supporting this dream of mine so far. You rock my world ?
I'm overwhelmed for your love and support. If you haven't already seen the project, would you like to support a young female artist? Have been dreaming and working hard to make it happen for long time. You can help me to finish to produce and exhibit my first art installation and at the same time
you will be getting some cool rewards and limited editions. Just check the video and my campaign ;)

2 years ago

Big Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing and supporting my crowdfunding campaign so far!  I m so thrilled! You are all legends!!! Because of your love I will be able to finish to produce my first art installation.

On another side, I've cuted down my original target. Seemed like a really hard target to achieve and I took the decision to be flexible, before ending with empty hands. With the reduced funds I will still be able to complete the production of the project, buy the material, rent the
production studio to edit the audios and of course to donate part of the funds to "Macmillan Cancer Support".

The second stage will be to get funds for the framing, tech equipment, art transport, the project's website. Last but not least to find the venue, display it and share it with the world! 

Lots of love xxx