Sweet Paradise is about the freedom of all beings, the respect of each other and each other's choices.

As the song Sweet Paradise says:-

"Mother wisdom, love and power and Mother........give her a chance to be and everything will be alright"

My aspirations for the Sweet Paradise, the album, is for it to become a classic and the song Sweet Paradise, to become an anthem for people and the animals that do not have a voice. Most people do not have a voice. To this extent I have chosen to share my royalties with
The Born Free Foundationand you can check out the News item on their website.

Born Free Foundation is a charity based in West Sussex that have many projects around the world, including Cameroon, Gabon, where they are protecting endangered animals.

The CEO of Born Free Foundation said on my Sweet Paradise, single wallet:

"Our consistent mission at the Born Free Foundation is to provide a voice for our planet's incredible wildlife protecting threatened species in their natural habitat and stopping individual animal suffering. Through the release of her fantastic new single, Sweet Paradise, Caurie de Cristal has now added her exceptional voice to ours. With her support we can make this a better world" - WILL TRAVERS, OBE (President of Born Free Foundation)

Some people are paying a fortune to go on safari and kill a lion. It is something I do not understand. What pleasure you have to spend money and go and kill an animal. Its not tourism. It is murder. It is a form of terrorism, as these people are going with there guns and they are terrorising the animals, for pleasure.

It is strange, that what happened to the person I cared for, actually linked everything for me. After she was diagnosed with cancer, I was inspired to research more about Nature's cures and remedies. It is incredible how life is going. We are all linked together.

There are some more lovely quotations about the single, Sweet Paradise on my website,

Knowing that YOU, the listener are a part of this tiny percentage that makes up the life of a singer/songwriter, such as myself, fills me with such humility. and gratitude. Thank you.
As I have said elsewhere, it is with the knowledge that many fans find comfort and solace in my stories of life, that makes the whole process worthwhile.
I look forward to many more, sometimes, hard, but always valuable experiences along this musical journey.

Here's hoping that you will join me on this Sweet Paradise, the album project. Thank you.


Use of funds

I intend to use the funds to cover the cost of musicians time, studio, engineering and mastering time.

Here is where I will record my vocals and backing vocals:-

These costs can mount up and I would like to make sure that the project is not going unfinished because of lack of funds. Once we have recorded the basic sounds in the studio or at home, then I will be taking the files to Chris Cawte, who is fabulous music producer working in his studio near Canterbury, Kent.

And here as you can see when I shot the Sweet Paradise video last year even make-up can mount up. I think I spent over £600 over four days of shooting!

That is why I am very happy to have you all aboard this very important project, because I have such a lot to say and share. If we manage to exceed the Target then I will put this towards funding a tour of UK and France and who knows the world!!


Funds at 70%

In the recent past I have pretty much funded albums and videos myself by working in the care industry. Here is a clip taken on the first day of the video shoot in July 2016:

For example to make the single Sweet Paradise and plan, shoot and produce the video, which altogether cost in excess of £10,000, I worked very hard.

I would wake up at 5:30am and leave home in the depth of winter, travelling many miles in the Ashdown Forest here in East Sussex, to attend to vulnerable adults that needed personal care and attention. I can do this again if I really have to, in order to complete this project. You can see below some of the equipment that was used just for the green screen shoot at John Ruskin College, which was funded by my efforts in helping needy folk in the forest. It here that we shot the scenes for the dreamscape.

So in summary if we manage to achieve 70% of our target I shall be ecstatic and will set about funding the rest of the project as described above. BUT if we, together manage to raise our Target of £6480 or more, then I shall be OVER THE MOON!


Hurdles & Hopes

The only problems I can foresee is being able to get the musicians in the UK and in the recording studio at the same time, as they are very very busy people.

But I am sure that with good planning, we will achieve this and make an album to cherish. I hope to make a beautiful authentic songs, that touch the heart and soul of many of you.

It is important that we dream and picture our dreams in our mind's eye so that they have a chance of coming true.

I dreamt that I would make this beautiful album and I am so proud and humbled to know that you will be helping me realise that dream.

I know from previous songs and albums that my melodies and especially my lyrics can light a little flame in the minds and hearts of my fans. I want to now rekindle this in songs which are not just in French but also English and maybe the odd song in Creole, the language of my birth country.



1 year ago

Celebration with Roses offer

For every person that Phunds Sweet Paradise, they will also get my last album Celebration with Roses FREE!! It is  a Double album with one CD of Zouk music (original music from Martinique)  and the other CD of contemporary music which has ONE cover on it. This is a cover of Shadowside, which is off the A-ha's Foot Of The Mountain album.  Please contact me via email at in order that I can send you the digital download or physical CD, but please pass the word around about my Sweet Paradise Campaign. Here is  link to Shadowside:-

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