Welcome to Old Lamp Entertainment!

Old Lamp Entertainment was set up by myself and British-Portuguese actress Luisa Guerreiro to develop and produce thrilling and innovative theatrical experiences for audiences. Our company objective is to create and inspire - to develop work that genuinely excites and entertains.

We are pleased to announce that for our debut production, we will be stepping onto the streets of Victorian London, to present an immersive and multi-media adaptation of visionary author H. G. Wells' short story'The Crystal Egg'.

The story is considered by many literary experts and fans of the author's work to be a prequel to the hugely popular 'The War of the Worlds'.Furthermore, excitingly it will also be theEuropean Premiereof this story produced in this manner, and our debut production.

We want to use our combined experience of over 18 years in the industry to deliver a truly immersive theatre experience with strong cinematic overtones.But to do this, we are appealing for help. Your help! We are looking to raise an injection of finance into our campaign so that our visionary production can be realised.


'The Crystal Egg' tells the story of Young Charley Cave. After watching his father dash into the night, Charley is taken in by his uncle Wace, an eccentric old man who with his dysfunctional family, runs a curiosity shop in London's Seven Dials Rookery.

When the lifeless body of his father is found in the river, Charley inherits the sole possession found with it - a small crystal egg. Believing the object to be of immense value, the family plan to sell it quickly and thereby improve their lives. However one night, Wace makes a chance discovery about this seemingly innocent item that threatens to tear the family apart.

Now Charley must uncover the truth about the greater threat that now lurks in their midst and the prospect of invasion from the stars.

Old Lamp Entertainment invites you to discover the secret for yourself and come face to face with creatures of another world.


Use of funds

We believe in full transparency when it comes to the use of funds. We are looking to raise £16,200. This is broken down into £15,000 and in order to create an authentic period feel and the technical requirements of the show, with the additional funds towards our legal obligations. Some of our major spend requirements are outlined below:


Delivering a show of this nature is a hugely complex undertaking. The production will fuse multiple art forms in a multimedia extravaganza, to fully immerse the audience into the narrative and sensory experience, bringing them face to face with Wells' creatures. To do this, we need to push the capabilities of current theatre tech.

'The Crystal Egg' will incorporate:

·light (kinetic light sculptures that react to our audience)

·sound (subwoofers and sound design to create a truly cinematic soundscape)

·performance (mask work and super artistes to bring to life the story)

·video (projection that blur cinema and theatre)

It will be a truly mesmerising fusion of the best of cinematic and theatrical expression coordinated together - a new impactful storytelling style!

In seeking to create a cinematic lighting design feel, we are looking to use the mood and texture created by Film Noir. This will allow us to create a sense of mystery and give the production a unified look reminiscent of the 1950’s television production. Our goal is to create distinct contrasting differences between the look of Seven Dials and our period world, and the strong science fiction styling of ‘the egg’ and the aliens world as something far more advanced - giving life and presence to an object. For this, we have drawn influence from numerous artistic works in the field of light study including Anthony McCall's work and the likes of Tundra.


We want to transform an atmospheric venue into a convincing world in which our audience will step into and experience the story around them. Imagine:

"Our audience will move along a dark tunnel, making their way through twists and turns of the slums of Seven Dials, with the occasional Victorian-style street lamp to guide them. They are descending into the world of the story; voyeurs in a murky postcard to Victorian London. A soundtrack of city life and street noises landscape the aural narrative immersing the audience into the show from the start. They emerge into the Dials with the column in the center, free agents to discover things around them until they are then thrust into the narrative story"

We are looking to create two distinctive areas for the action to take place; Seven Dials Rookery and Wace's Antiques, a curio shop of wonder and decay. Therefore a large part of our budget will be apportioned to getting the look and feel of this absolutely right.

Diversity and Community Support

"As a company, we are pushing to do more than simply make a show. By supporting our campaign, you too are helping to ensure we are able to offer a great deal back to the community!"

Part of the remit with Old Lamp Entertainment is to work with the next generation of talent (both on stage and off).

  1. We are committed to working with a diverse range of talent and will seek to offer a number of voluntary opportunities on our shows in order to create work based learning opportunities. This includes crewing, Front-of-House and performance. We aim to be an equal employer and opportunities provider, thus assisting in achieving a more diversified entertainment scene.
  2. Our commitment to creating shows that artistically impact the wider community is to work towards social change and address wider issues in the artistic world and the wider society. We want to develop learning based opportunities that benefit people, especially in introducing a whole new generation to the richness offered by our literacy history.
  3. We will implement various procedures to ensure production is realized with minimum impact to the environment, with a focus on reducing the carbon footprint and waste through a policy of recycling and reuse. 


Funds at 70%

With Funds at 70% we can still do our show! Reduced funds doesn't mean reduced passion for us! The vision for our production would have to be downscaled, and some of the technological wizardry sacrificed to expediency, but that is the beauty of our concept. It's adaptable to any situation, through how much of the world we fill in. 

Of course, we are no strangers to thinking more imaginatively and creatively with limited resources... BUT ... just think of what this COULD be if we could be creative and clever with as much help as possible. 

We will still deliver on our exclusives:

We have huge plans for 'The Crystal Egg' to deliver an experience that stays with you. With YOUR HELP this will be PHENOMENAL - a truly EPIC piece of cinematic theatre - full of wonder, imagination, risk and sensory stimulation. 

Can you tell we are excited?!? 


Hurdles & Hopes

We are so lucky to have begun building a great professional team for the project, whose experience and credits in the industry span stage and screen; including but not limited to work with Pinewood Studios, CBBC, BBC, Tricycle Theatre, Working Title Television, Universal Pictures and Ealing Studios.

With our focus on cinematic theatre, we produced and filmed a theatrical trailer (based on the show script) to showcase the story and how it lends itself to the focus of our production style (Check it out in the video above):

We are also fortunate to have the wonderful support and endorsement of respected peers in the business, such as Samantha Spiro (Double Olivier Award Winning Actress), John Dower (TV and Film Director - EastEnders and Wolfblood), Colin Savage and Joanne Corrigan (Phoenix Artist Club), Keith De'Winter (Droid + Creature Performer and Goss Toowers - Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens) and Eva Pope (Actress - Hetty Feather, Waterloo Road and Coronation Street).

We feel so proud to have so many people believing in us, and our project as much as we do. We hope you will too!

Our main struggle will be getting the financial resources to get this wonderful idea up and running. For the future, we have already gained interest from venues outside of London, so we would welcome a transfer or National Tour after its initial premiere in London, thus sharing this experience. We want to do tribute to our plans and what this show excitingly promises.

Really - to coin a well-known slogan - "every little helps". Please support us if you can and share our campaign to get the word out!

Genuine thanks.

 Luisa and Mike

Remember #theyarewatching



5 months ago


Hello lovely backers,

Well, we did it! It's been 2 months since we opened 'The Crystal Egg Live' at The Vaults and we've just finished rounding up all the feedback and wrapping up the administration side of the show.  We want to share some of the amazing feedback the show gained. 

"Gripping Vintage Sci-Fi. Bloody terrific. A joy to watch." (Theatrebox)

"Totally absorbing and engrossing for the duration. A skillfully and meticulously executed play." (Act Drop)

"A show as captivating and stirring as the egg itself!" (West End Wilma)

"The closest thing you'll get to a first hand lived experience of 1897 science fiction." (A Young Theatre)

We are now processing backers orders as per the rewards. Anyone who has additional rewards will be contacted in due course to deliver the final components of the rewards. 

We want to express our deepest and heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the show through Phundee; those that were able to come and step into the crazy world of 19th Century Seven Dials to uncover the secret invasion from Mars, and to those who dedicated their time and efforts to deliver a hit show. As life-long fans of the work of H. G. Wells, we felt that this comment encapsulated everything. From the guys over at Wells in Woking:

"H G. Wells would have been proud!"

Old Lamp and 'The Crystal Egg Live' will return in the future. For now, keep watching the skies and remember #theyarewatching

Warmest Regards,

Mike and Luisa (Team Egg)

11 months ago


Hello, hello lovely backers,

If you had a ticket or two as a reward, you should have received an email from us asking for a date you would like to attend the show. We have had a few responses and these days and times will be passed to the venue to reserve. However, if you received this email and have not yet responded, then please do so ASAP by 1st October in order to guarantee that ticket. If we have not heard from you by the cut-off date of October 1st we will not be able to guarantee the ticket, owing to the box office being controlled by the Venue and we obviously have to sell tickets. 

Please email for ticket information.

Warmest Regards,

Mike and Luisa 

12 months ago

August Production Report

Dear Supporters,

Well! Here we are… An all-important update on our progress towards bringing the show to life. It’s happening! It is with the greatest pleasure and pride that both myself and Luisa can announce that ‘The Crystal Egg Live’ is set to open on 6th January 2018 at The Vaults Tunnels: Waterloo for 1 week. 

I cannot tell you how excited we now are. I know many will ask – HUH? I thought we were talking about Bargehouse? Well, allow me to enlighten... 

ANOTHER change of Venues!

After our last update, we reached a stage with The Bargehouse whereby we wouldn’t have been able to deliver everything we wanted without extra costs pushing up the budget for the show. 

Part of the experience of the show involves a food and drink component and in order to undertake this, this would have required an additional expense of £350 per day on top of the rental fees. This added an additional £2000 to the cost of the hire. 

In the end, we were left with a similar decision that faced us back in November 2016 – compromise the artistic integrity of the show, or keep looking. 

Luckily for us, the decision was reached quickly when we managed to converse with the Vaults again. The Vaults is the original venue we always wanted to do the show in, so to finally be at a stage where we will be opening the doors to Wace’s Curiosity shop in the fantastic setting of the Vaults is a true blessing. I can tell you, we have agreed with the venue to be able to deliver the bar and food element. This represents a significant revenue potential for the project and will definitely help with its success. 

With a significantly reduced cost of hire, and working out a deal to pay for hire costs after the show from the box office, it means we can sink much more of the amount we raised, into the production of the show.

It may have taken a year to reach this moment, but we have an opening date locked – January 6th 2018, and we will be delivering 14 shows in 7 days. (That’s 2 shows a day).


With the date locked, we are now working out how to best utilize our resources and space on offer, to craft the immersive experience we promised. Pre-production is expected to commence at end of October and last until December. Right now, we are looking at bolstering the team.


In the last update we reported that we had completed an application to the UK Arts Council for additional backing which has now been submitted. Alongside this, we have also submitted to the Wellcome Trust through their public Engagement Fund with final decisions expected around October. However, as of this release, we are gearing up for a major pre-sale push on tickets with production expected to formally begin mid-October. 

We are continuing to develop the additional interactions between the show and the general public, specifically in terms of engaging younger customers and introducing them to literature, the works of H. G. Wells, alongside programs to explore theatre making and adaptation, engaging with charitable institutions and have reached out to The Seven Dials Trust to figure out how we can work together to promote the area. Our goal is to also engage with Charities that deal with poverty and to work with them.

There is no turning back now. We hope that all of you will be joining us in January 2018 as we delve into 19th Century Seven Dials and Wace’s Antique shop to discover the secrets of ‘The Crystal Egg’ #theyarewatching

TICKETS FOR ‘THE CRYSTAL EGG LIVE’ are now ON SALE. Those backers who have tickets through their donation will be contacted in due course. For others, please check out the link here:

http //


As we get closer to production, we will be fulfilling all remaining Crowdfunded Rewards. If your reward includes tickets to the show, we contact you in due course to arrange dates. If your reward includes tickets to our VIP Party and Press Night, please note that this is scheduled for the 7th? January 2018 only.

Many thanks 

Luisa and Mike (Team Egg)

1 year ago

Production Update - May 2017

Dear Supporters,

There has been so much happening in Team Egg in the last few months, it's been a whirlwind, but I thought now was a good time to give everyone who supported us, an all-important update on our progress towards bringing the show to life.


As I mentioned in the previous update we were putting out the feelers for an alternative venue, and we believe we have now found it at Oxo Tower - right in the heart of London's Southbank, close to the National Theatre and a stone throw from the Thames. We have now entered into negotiations with the venue owners to work with them to bring the show to them. They are as excited about the prospect as we and so our formal proposal is currently being prepared and should be in with them in the coming weeks. As of writing this, we are penciled in with a date towards the back end of this year, spanning Halloween - which gives us an exciting prospect of creating an appropriate show for that time. 


With the change in venue comes a change in the format of the show, something which we are relishing. The Venue offers us a spectacular blank canvas with which to craft our show. It's atmospheric, charming, gritty and has floors of character (pardon the pun) and we are working out how to best utilize our resources and space on offer to craft the immersive experience we promised.  To give you an idea of how this is shaping up, I'm pleased to present to you some of our newly created concept art exploring our Victorian Street idea, and the recent addition of a Victorian style theatre (you'll have to wait to the show to discover how it plays in).  

Alongside these new concepts comes a new draft of the script. We had a strong start with the first draft and following a read through mid last year, we have been redrafting to flesh out the concepts, streamline others to make the story flow better and make sure the narrative works not only from a theatrical show point of view but also a semi-immersive perspective.  

I will be meeting with a very good set designer in the coming week to discuss expanding our team, and our visual artist Zanny is off concocting some pretty impressive concepts for our Kinetic Light Sculpture Egg.


As part of our business plan, we have now completed our proposed application to the UK Arts Council in a bid to gain their support for the show and help us achieve the very very best version we can deliver.  As a by-product of this, we are developing additional interactions between the show and the general public, specifically in terms of engaging younger customers and introducing them to literature, the works of H. G. Wells, alongside programs to explore theatre making and adaptation. We are looking into engaging with charitable institutions and have reached out to The Seven Dials Trust to figure out how we can work together to promote the area. Our goal is to also engage with Charities that deal with poverty work with them. 


We have now fulfilled all digital thank you cards to our supporters, and would very much like to express our thanks to everyone who helped us reach this point. As we get closer to the show, we will also be fulfilling all other rewards like bags, T-shirts, and Artworks. Those who were scheduled for an Egg visit from our resident good Egg Luisa, you should now have received an email from us with a view to scheduling the visits. If you have not, please do let us know as soon as possible. 

The concept for the show is a challenge. We intentionally set the bar high to strive to achieve a truly wonderous vision and representation of Wells' work. With the BBC finally developing The War of the Worlds into it's victorian, British setting (Sorry US) there is a renewed interest in Wells and his writing. This year and next will be the best time do this show - and we intend to do it right!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Remember - #theyarewatching

Mike Archer

2 years ago


Hello Hello all,

It's been a busy week with Team Egg, but we are stoked to update you on progress thus far. We've been out and about putting out the feelers finding the perfect venue. Unfortunately our previous venue was proving a little difficult, and in the end, we felt that rather than compromise the show, it was best to find the ideal venue elsewhere where we can craft the vision we want. But this process is now underway and they'll be more updates (especially for you guys) in the near future. 

We'll also be making contact with our supporters who require special visits from our resident Luisa egg to schedule those at a suitable time, so look out for those.

From everyone at team egg... #theyarewatching

Luisa and Mike

2 years ago


Message from Mike and Luisa:

"On behalf of the team at Old Lamp Entertainment, we are truly thankful to everyone who has supported the campaign since we launched in September. It's been a journey, and now we've achieved our target means we can finally begin to bring this wonderful vision to life. We are faced with a huge task in the coming months to pull together all the resources necessary to bringing the show to the stage. It is exciting times, and we encourage you to check back regularly with us.  They were watching before... now they are on their way.

Kindest regards and thanks.

Mike and Luisa"

2 years ago


Take a quick sneak peek behind the scenes on the shooting of our teaser trailer back in September. Here, director and producer Mike Archer uses DJI's awesome gimbal unit Osmo to get some movement on our ominous egg shaped villain. Chip into the campaign to see the full show realised. 

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

2 years ago


We are very excited to announce that we are now working with the support of top Motion Capture Studios Centroid. What a privilege it is  to work alongside this super company of wonderful people ! 

2 years ago



With 2 days to go, we've had some MAJOR developments, which we are very excited about.

Stay tuned over next two days and we'll reveal all.

In the meantime, keep up the good work. Everyone who has supported us this far is not just a good egg but a GREAT EGG!!!

Mucho love

Luisa and Mike

2 years ago


Mike Archer and Luisa Guerreiro from Old Lamp Entertainment talk to Anthony Baxter of London Live about their multimedia immersive production of H. G. Wells' 'The Crystal Egg' 

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

2 years ago

Over £6K

Thanks to everyone who has supported 'The Crystal Egg' so far. We have now achieved over £6000. Let's keep it going in the final straights. Every pound chipped in brings us closer to that 70% target. Both my self and Luisa have been very busy behind the scenes. We are in negotiations for our venue; have lined up potential corporate sponsorship from leading industry players to help make this show the best it can be.

2 years ago


Two-time Olivier Award Winning Actress 'Samantha Spiro' - Testimonial for 'The Crystal Egg':

Double Olivier Award Winning Actress Samantha Spiro has been wonderful enough to give us her support in the form of a video testimonial! We really respect this wonderful lady and actress and are so humbled to receive her kind words and endorsement in our production. Thank you Sam!

Samantha Spiro IMDb -

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>

2 years ago


" Since I first met Luisa Guerreiro at an Acting Workshop for Motion Capture, I have been impressed with her energy, enthusiasm and creativity ... Luisa brings great positivism into the room and her can-do attitude is an inspiration to those around her.

I greatly look forward to seeing this project coming to fruition and have no doubts over her ability and dedication to see it through, as proved by her work ethic and talent when we worked together"

JOHN DOWER - Director/Mentor/Tutor -www

CBBC, BBC, NFTS, MET Film School, Northern Film School & Westerdals Oslo -

2 years ago


We are overwhelmed with the support we have received for the campaign and are pleased that we have achieved over £5000 in support. Let's keep it going. Every generous pledge takes us closer to our goal and our dream of seeing this production come to life.

Much love

Luisa and Mike x

2 years ago


WOW The only word we can say right now. We launched on 21st September and in 1 WEEK we have achieved over 16% of our target. To everyone who has contributed to our campaign so far, we cannot express our gratitude and thanks enough. You guys rock. Things have been moving very nicely in the background as well. We have some lovely articles lined up, talking more about the show, H. G. Wells, our trailer and all things Crystal Eggy. We have made contact from numerous peeps. There is so much interest in this story it's terrific. We'd like to share with you all a comment we received via Twitter which was very moving for us.

'You are making an H. G. Wells fan's dream come true' 

It s easy to say it's making our dreams come true but to hear it from others, reminds us that your generous support reaches others too. Our journey has only just begun, but it's already looking pretty exciting. Share the campaign around with friends and family. Help us reach that golden mile of 50%. http //

Much Love

Luisa and Mike xx

2 years ago

THE FAN CARPET - Article on 'The Crystal Egg'

Old Lamp Entertainment announce its debut production of H.G. Wells’ THE CRYSTAL EGG is NOW in development

1 September 2016

London-based production company Old Lamp Entertainment is pleased to announce that its debut production for 2017 is now in development. Stepping onto the streets of period London, the company will present an adaptation of visionary author H. G. Wells short story ‘The Crystal Egg’. It is considered by many literary experts and fans of the author’s work to be a prequel to the hugely popular ‘The War of the Worlds’.

The story is centered on an old curiosity shop in the slums of London's Seven Dials, which is run by an eccentric old man and his dysfunctional family. They discover that a small crystal egg in their possession serves as a window onto Mars, and is being used in surveillance of Earth. The show will fuse multiple art forms in light, sound, performance, and video in a multimedia extravaganza, to take audience members on an experience through the sights and sounds of the story and bring them face to face with Wells' creatures of another world.


Old Lamp Entertainment Director and Producer, Mike Archer says of the project “I’m a huge fan of H. G. Wells’ writing. Ever since watching the 1950's 'War of the Worlds' whilst growing up, the story had a profound effect on me. Wells is skilled at stimulating the imagination; one of the great writers of the early 20th Century. For me, working to create a show inspired by his works is a dream come true. 'War of the Worlds' is culturally significant. With 'The Crystal Egg' we want to open out the story to a whole new generation of people and create an invasion story for the now. The works of Wells are as relevant as ever. In bringing the story to life, we are examining themes of surveillance and greed, whereby we don’t quite know who is watching us or from where."

Co-Producer Luisa Guerreiro is quick to point out “People want more from shows. We want to push the boundaries of what can be achieved, and deliver a show that gives an audience a cinematic quality to a theatrical experience.”


The project has already gained a huge following of support. On 21st September 2016 Old Lamp Entertainment is set to launch a crowd funding campaign, in partnership with entertainment supporter 'Phundee'. Ashon Spooner, Phundee's Director said of the project "At Phundee, we believe every project should be shareable with its backers. 'The Crystal Egg' aims to be an immersive experience, allowing its audience to feel a part of the narrative and share in a collective experience. Phundee's mission is to empower the next generation of entertainment makers, and the team behind 'The Crystal Egg' are a perfect example of this."



Since bursting onto the scene in 2011, Old Lamps has continued to grow, with two separate entities dealing in both theatre and film (Old Lamp Films) The company's first film 'The Journey of Alfred Small' debuted online in 2015 to critical and audience acclamation after receiving award nominations for 'Best Ensemble Cast' at the March Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.


Mike whose extensive list of credits across stage and screen includes 'Easy Virtue' (starring Jessica Biel and Colin Firth) and Oscar-winning 'The King's Speech' added "I can't sit still. I need to be doing projects. As an actor, you spend a lot of time finding the next job, but that doesn't sit well with me. So I started Old Lamp Films to tell the stories I want to tell. We're working on some fantastic projects, including feature film 'Berners Street', to be directed by the wonderful and exciting Helen O' Hanlon." Anyone interested in 'The Crystal Egg' should check out Old Lamp Entertainment's website and to subscribe to the community to learn more about the production.

Keep up-to-date with The Crystal Egg at the Official Website and sign up for updates at the Production Page.



About Old Lamp Entertainment
Old Lamp Entertainment was set up by Luisa Guerreiro and Mike Archer to promote and provide thrilling and innovative theatrical experiences for audiences. Our company objective is to create and inspire - to develop work that genuinely excites and entertains. We want to use our combined experience of over 18 years in the industry to deliver a truly immersive theatre experience with strong cinematic overtones. We seek to produce a quality experiences whereby audiences can be stimulated on an emotional, sensory and atmospheric level - Cinematic Theatre.