Hi I'm tom and I am a songwriter and composer. I have just finished writing my first concept album, 'The Fire Waits', which is finally ready to be recorded after two years of intense work.
The album is a captivating faustian tale, telling the story of a man, who, one drunken night, is tricked into making a deal with the Devil for the soul of his daughter. It is going to be a beautifully dark piece.

For those who don't know, a concept album is a piece of music with a single theme, that is slowly developed and explored with each song. The reason behind making this as a concept album is to validate and re-invigorate the very concept of the 'album' as a musical entity. We live in a world of instant gratification, where speed of delivery drives product development and attention span is measured in seconds. In the world of music, online streaming is now the way in which we consume and artists are heavily encouraged to release single after single.

I want to step back away from this world for a moment and do something truly different. With it's roots buried deep within the sounds of gothic country and blues, this album tells a beautiful story, and takes you on a journey.


Use of funds

The entirety of the funds will be put towards the actual recording of the album. This includes studio hire, equipment hire, engineer and musician fees, artwork and  photography.

Whether you give £1 or £1000, your contributions will go towards me achieving my goal. Compared to a conventional record, the cost to record and press this entire album very small, however, this is still a mountain to climb up alone. If you are unable to commit financially then please share this campaign and help us reach people who would be interested in hearing this finished product.


Funds at 70%


Hurdles & Hopes

This album is incredibly important to me as it allows me to make a firm stand as a passionate musician and say ‘this is what I have to give to the world,’ and deliver on a promise to myself not to sacrifice my artistic vision.

The writing is already done, the team is in place, I am working with an incredible mix engineer Sie Medway-Smith who boasts most of Depeche Mode’s work in his extensive list of releases. Photographer Lars H who has shot some incredibly respected artists including Michael Jackson, is also on board. All of these amazing creatives have committed and are keen to work with me and all we need is the money to get into the studio, record the album, cut it and to add visuals to the concept.

All I need now is your support to make my vision a reality. With your help in just a few weeks the album would be completely recorded and on it’s way to being pressed. I need money in order to work with the exceptional caliber of creatives that will ensure the album gets finished to the standard it deserves and really shine.

Time however, is against us. We all only have a very short window that we can commit to ensure this project is completed. This is why I need you on board now.

I know that with your help I can create something truly special.

Thank you