Welcome to Debt Duck, the UK's premier payday loans company!

Tom and Clem are deep in student debt.

Alan, their boss, owes big bucks.

Meryl, Alan's manager, is mortgaged to the hilt.

They each decide to crack the company safe and put an end to their financial woes.

But will they break the cycle of debt?

Or is this just another terrible trap?

Set in a payday loans company, this biting new comedy features a motley crew of flawed individuals and takes a closer look at debt and the ethics of capitalism.

The issues explored reflect today's economic climate, where millions of people face desperate financial struggles and all too easily fall prey to loan sharks.

It's an all too familiar story and the play questions society's complicity in creating endless cycles of debt that ensnare so many people, who are then forced to spend their entire lives trapped in financial misery.

A comedy? About debt? How cheery!

Well, you'd be surprised because with rising talents Kieran Lynn - Breaking the Ice (Traverse), The Recurring Rise and Fall (Hampstead Theatre), An Incident at the Border(Finborough/West End) - and Dan Ayling(The Print Room, Hampstead Theatre, Arcola and a regular Associate Director for Katie Mitchell) at the helm, you're guaranteed a top quality production whilst you laugh (or cry) at the hopeless, if not farcical, state of the nation's finances. It's not just the Millenials who are struggling!

Joking aside, we believeThe Trap is a fantastic story worth sharing and we just need that extra bit of help to get us there. The show has already had a stamp of approval from Arts Council England through an Artist's International Development Fund grant awarded to Kieran to develop the play in America earlier this year, and we've also been given a huge vote of confidence from Omnibus Theatre in Clapham who have programmed us at the heart of their Autumn 2017 season.

Marie McCarthy, Omnibus Theatre's artistic director said: "We are delighted to be bringing this though-provoking production to audiences in London. Kieran's sharp wit and detailed observations tackle pertinent issues which many will identify with."

About The Venue

Omnibus Theatre is a multi-arts venue in London, housed in a converted Victorian library, offering high quality multi-arts programme with theatre at its heart. Inspired by the building's literary heritage our in house productions focus on retelling classic tales with a contemporary twist. As a multi-arts venue, we are committed to combining to combining art forms to discover new artistic vocabularies and providing vital support for emerging artists to create new work that has life within and beyond the building. We host imaginative and emotionally engaging work from a selection of the UK's most exciting companies and talented artists.

Omnibus Theatre is a registered charity and it receives no guaranteed funding or statutory support. Box office proceeds cover only 1/3 of the annual income. The theatre must rely on generous donations to keep the doors open, stage first class performances and provide creative opportunities for the whole community.

So, we are counting on your support in order to help us maintain the amazing work that Omnibus is fast becoming known for and to contribute to its future as an exciting arts venue.


Use of funds

The money raised for this campaign will specifically go towards the fees for the Creative Team - Set Costume Designer Sarah Beaton; Lighting Designer Jamie Platt; and a soon-to-be-announced Sound Designer. With these funds, we'll be able to pay this group of talented young individuals for their immeasurable contribution to the project and allow their creativity full room to prosper.


Funds at 70%

The production will still go ahead even with reduced funds at 70% but we will have to decrease the amount we can offer everyone and we'll struggle to meet the criteria to become an Equity recognised company. The creative vision for the piece will suffer and, to cut costs even more, we may have to move rehearsals further out from our hub at Omnibus.

However, even that extra £1,400 is enough to really give this production the chance that it deserves. 

Whether you can give £10 or £2,000 , your contribution will help us get closer to our goal.

If you can’t make a donation here, please support the project by reposting the link to this page on your Facebook/Twitter feeds and help us spread the word.

And please book tickets to see the show - all box office receipts will go towards the production. Not only that, you'll get a great evening in the theatre so we look forward to welcoming you to Omnibus very soon!


Hurdles & Hopes

Our hope with this production of The Trap, is that we can be one of the first fringe theatre companies in the country to work with Equity on a unique agreement that ensures members of the Creative Team get paid a fair wage for the work that they do.

Whilst actors and stage managers have benefited from the Equity Fringe Agreement/Professionally Made, Professionally Paid campaign, this hasn't transpired for members of the Creative Team.

So, with your help and financial support, we can overcome this hurdle and together lead the way in ensuring everyone involved in a fringe theatre production receives a fair wage for their work.

We only have 30 days to achieve our target and we sincerely believe if we can raise this money the play will be a huge success! And to thank you for your contribution, please see the list of rewards you'll receive depending on the scale of your donation.