Tin Pan Alley Tales is a documentary chronology of a unique street spanning some 300 yards and some 300 years. Presented as an urban Canterbury Tales our seventy five minute film, will be told by approximately 12 key characters who've had an historic association with Denmark Street. They will feature alongside those who've either lived or worked in London's only music street. Formed of some 28 addresses it was affectionately known as Tin Pan Alley the home of British music publishing and song writing from 1911 until 1991 and originally named after its Manhattan counterpart.

Each contributor will come from a different background. Songs and archival images will illustrate these compelling tales and secret histories from luminaries such as 1950's skiffler Chas McDevitt,

Glen Matlock
of The Sex Pistols (centre below at 6 Denmark St in the Pistol's old rehearsal space and flat) and author Will Self (centre below in front of Johnny Rotten's cartoon murals) . They will all feature in their own key sequences, alongside the famous, the infamous, and the unsung heroes of London's Tin Pan Alley.

Expect exclusive untold tales pertaining to David Bowie, Ozzy Osborne , Black Sabbath, and the Rolling Stones amid secret histories outside of music, but also from within the street itself.

Since we started running the Save Tin Pan Alley Campaign the true 'unsung heroes' of Tin Pan Alley - the musicians, the technicians and the people behind-the-scenes have come out of the woodwork, out of history and out of retirement to approach us. People that would be very hard to find in any other circumstance have come forward from across the globe. They're saying, 'We want to be in your film!' We have them here now.
They're 'ready, willing, and able' and raring to go!

The Production Team

Henry Scott-Irvine - Producer-Director . See the profile at the top right of page for the biography plus Procol Harum's 40th and Elton At 50 at the these links and as 'Archive Producer' Punk Attitude and Classic Albums - Lou Reed's Transformer among many others

Joe Loughrell - Lighting Cameraman. Award winning cinematography from Joe who will be working with us throughout the production. He already made this great Dead Hearts On Denmark Street video for rock star Michael Monroe and The Save Denmark St Campaign

Charlie Capaldi - Sound Design via our award winning sound man

Pete Tombs - Co-Producer is a published author and Producer. In particular he wrote the book Mondo Macabro leading to the famous Channel 4 TV series, which he continues to produce for DVD. He has a long professional working association with the feature film director Ben Wheatley of Down Terrace, Kill List and Sightseers fame, among many others Selected IMDB CV

Phil Ryan - Executive Producer is co-chairman of 'The Save Tin Pan Alley Campaign'. He was co-founder Denmark Street's famous '12 Bar Club' and co-founder of the charity and magazine for 'the homeless' that is The Big Issue. He is a professional advisor on business start-ups, strategy and business development. He was also a member of The Animals and is a singer-songwriter in his own right.

James Ketchell - Documentary Consultant is a committee member of 'The Save Denmark Street Campaign' and founder and organiser of Music Heritage UK who have successfully campaigned to save Music Venues, including the George Tavern in London's East End. Music Heritage UK recently provided the definitive Rolling Stones Map of London, tracing their entire geographic and historic connections with London for the benefit of Historians, Music Journalists and Tourists alike.


Use of funds

Funds will enable us to shoot interviews, acquire images and edit the documentary. They will also permit important audio post production and picture grading, which is imperative when mixing footage from varying sources that will include archival footage.


Funds at 70%

The 70% of funds crowd funder scenario will probably mean that we will utilise less archival footage than we might otherwise factor in when we reach our ‘actual’ goal. I might add that if we do exceed our goal, which is also possible, then we can potentially license-in even more archival footage and some more key songs.


Hurdles & Hopes

We hope to deliver an enticing insight in to 300 years of this great street as told by those who witnessed everything first hand across the decades. 12 key voices will drive the narrative forward.

NB: Because we are making a feature length documentary for a minuscule budget, any additional expenditure will be an unnecessary cost to the production: i.e. Postage & Packing when we mail out your rewards.

London donators will have to attend our special Tin Pan Alley gigs in London where you can pick up your reward bundles without incurring Postage and Packaging costs. Any UK resident can attend these gigs to avoid P and P costs. Otherwise we simply cannot afford to weather such expenditure. If you live outside of London or abroad you will need to pay us upfront for any Postage and Packaging thus keeping our production budget for making the film, only. If you reside overseas or outside London we will add the cost of Postage & Packing upfront, which you will have to add to the donation. Please take this the P & P cost into account - £10 (Ten GBP) within the UK and £20 (Twenty GBP) within the EU and US territories. P & P tbc outside of these areas.

The already tight budget is about 12% of an average ITV South Bank Show. Most of archive based music documentaries that I have professionally worked on averaged at the high end around £200,000 per programme hour, subject to the licensing of third party properties (footage and songs).

Crowdfunding versus a TV Commission

Seeking documentary commissions in conjunction major production companies and TV stations can become a quagmire of executives, commissioners and third party interference, leading to a lengthy and seemingly never ending process of compromised development that might actually go nowhere after having spent many months or even years of pre-planning.

At best I am reminded of a film called The Big Picture (1989) made by Christopher Guest of This Is Spinal Tap fame, which satirised young aspirant film school graduates. One character in The Big Picture wanted to make a ‘serious’ black-and-white ‘Art House Movie’ that would be reminiscent of an Ingmar Bergman love story fused with elements of Woody Allen's Interiors. In the end the film school graduate got to make his Hollywood funded movie, which was so compromised that it eventually became a Porky's styled teen comedy!

Sadly, commissioned documentary film making can be hugely compromised if you are not very careful. Hence the preferable crowdfunding production route that we are taking here through

Large investor donations are most welcome as the more we get the BIGGER the picture.

To Get In Contact please email on

Or Visit



2 years ago

TIN PAN ALLEY TALES goes into production after this successful crowdfunder

Thank you one and all for your pledges and tremendous support. We are Phundee's most successful campaign to date. Reaching almost £24,000 and  a very pleasing 110% of our target.

We reached conclusion on Xmas day. We now have enough in the pot to shoot the film and hopefully have something ready for the late Spring of 2017. We will keep all donators advised. Watch this space and see our upcoming emails to all pledgers.  

2 years ago

The Guardian TODAY BY Dave Hill 'The future of Denmark Street: rebirth opportunity or dystopian hell?'

2 years ago


2 years ago

THE NOW BUILDING - AKA BLOODY AWFUL ARCHITECTURE coming soon to the now demolished Denmark Place

2 years ago


Tell the others and your friends to support us too because ...

2 years ago

WESTMINSTER & CITY weekly paper out today

A version of this this story appears identically across free papers in Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea, and Chiswick

2 years ago


Check it out here 

2 years ago

Steve Mason formerly of The Beta Band and King Biscuit Time Offers a great deal to help the film

Calling all fans of Steve Mason of The Beta Band and King Biscuit Time fame. He will provide a pair of VIP Barbican Concert Tickets (January 2017) for a £250 pledge where you get to bring a mate, get backstage VIP triple AAA passes for a meet and greet plus three of his vinyl solo albums all signed. First to pledge £250 here. You will also get a ticket to the premiere of our film and a T shirt and badge. A good deal.Pledge donations here now 

2 years ago

MOJO 60's feature on Tin Pan Alley here

2 years ago

LONDONIST ONLINE feature here Today - Where To Be Punk In London

Where To Be Punk In London


2 years ago

We have a full page in MOJO 60's Magazine on Page 10. This week we RAISED £2,900

Go to any newsagent and buy MOJO magazine. We have a full page in MOJO 60's Magazine on Page 10 . We are also featured  in many specialist Hi Fi Magazines too.  We are in print as far afield as as The Sydney Morning Herald and all Australian 'In Flight Magazines'. Meanwhile, we had a record week in raising £2,700 with 403 pledges as donations so we are now at 73% of our target with just 18 days to go.  Spread the work folks as you all helped us achieve  this. But we still need further donations. 120 £50 quid donations would see us reach target by that date.  Or 240 £25 donations would work too. Thanks!

2 years ago

End of November Updates

We have a great video about the state of Tin Pan Alley London in 2016 here  https //

We are in Traveller In Flight Magazine and online here  http // 

We are also in Hi Fi Pig Magazine here

2 years ago

More press today here

We are in the Movie Magazine called The Fan Carpet 

2 years ago

PMC Hi Fi are supporting the campaign now and we are at nearly £13,000

We are in the Hi Magazine called PSN Europe

2 years ago

Bid for rare BOWIE & MADNESS Acetates and white labels here now HELP THE FUNDER

2 years ago

Nearly £13,000 raised. Keep pledging. Mojo & Guardian features next. We need you

Cheers ?

2 years ago

Westminster & City Paper

2 years ago

Tin Pan Alley Concert with special names on Tuesday 22nd from 8.30-11.00pm at The Phoenix Artist Bar in Charing Cross Rd and Phoenix St London

2 years ago

Westminster & City Newspaper feature us on the front page and on Page 3

2 years ago

Feature tells of rare vinyls and acetates being donated to Tin Pan Alley Tales by Bowie & Madness producer Clive Langer

Producer Clive Langer donates his white label master of Bowie's  1986 single 'Absolute Beginners' 12 inch. This picture and the one below of Suggs were both taken by photographer Richard Piercy.  A newspaper feature  appears here in the West End Extra at the link below 

2 years ago

Madness producer Clive Langer donates rare Madness acetates to Tin Pan Alley Tales fundraiser. Here's Suggs and Henry with the discs

2 years ago

MADNESS and BOWIE rarities donated to the campaign by Madness producer Clive Langer. Auctioning soon. Make a bid @ Contact @ Green Button

Clive Langer the longtime producer of Madness has donated the following valuable items for us to auction both here and on a soon to be set-up Ebay Auction page in order to raise much needed funds for the film; namely The Lot - a 'Madness Best Of' -  issued in 1985 (as a rare original four x 12 inch acetate master from The Town House Studios in Shepherds Bush, London on The Town House label) Madness's 5th studio album Mad Not Mad (as a white label test pressing rarity) and the 1986 production of Absolute Beginners the 12 inch single by David Bowie produced by Langer (a 12 Inch white label single test pressing master). All of the white cardboard jackets are date stamped. They are all are signed by Clive Langer the producer. The Madness acetates and white labels are also signed by Suggs of Madness on the white cardboard jacket-sleeves. We have photos of this too. 

Make a bid via the Contact green button here on the Tin Pan Alley Tales page. Return to the Home Page and  look screen left. 

2 years ago

Earlier 'Talk RADIO' appearance tonight Sunday 30th at 8pm on Tragedy Plus Time with Bob Mills

A pure pleasure to be LIVE on Talk Radio tonight after 8 with Bob Mills on his great show Tragedy Plus Time with Bob Mills (it just seemed the right title) Talking about? Guess what? Denmark St and the Tin Pan Alley Tales Film. Bob was in my Procol Harum doc 11 years ago. So A couple of Music Tales and one from Glen Matlock made 'em all laugh out loud - cracker of a tale that Glen tells in Tin Pan Alley Tales. And Bob remembered me! 

A thoroughly top fella.

2 years ago

VIVE LE ROCK includes our feature on the street here below

2 years ago

Radio A Go Go. Three on air appearances this week and an upcoming concert on the 26th. Join us!

This week the campaign was on three radio shows Nick Abbot on LBC, Free Seed on Soho Radio with Ben and crew as well as George Galloway on The Mother of All Talk Shows on network TalkRADIO in prime time. We also have our 2nd Pop-up concert is this week on Wednesday the 26th at The Phoenix Theatre Artists Bar from 8pm in Charing Cross Rd and the tickets are £10 only with all the money raised going to the pledge campaign. Drag the time line to 42 minutes until 48 minutes at this Youtube to hear me on The Mother of all Talk Shows at this link here https // 

2 years ago

SAVE TIN PAN ALLEY's 'CROWDFUNDER' SECOND POP UP GIG - Wednesday October 26th - 8pm-11pm Phoenix Theatre Artists bar in Charing Cross Rd

2 years ago

Our New Website

2 years ago

Our New Website

Click here

2 years ago

'Concerts to fund Tin Pan Alley campaign film West End Extra' - Review of the October 5th Show here - More to come on October 26th at The Phoenix Art

Concerts to fund Tin Pan Alley campaign film

Ronnie Golden

Ronnie Golden. Below:?Jessie Jetski. Pictures ?Matilde Damele

Jessie Jetski

Published ?14 October, 2016

THE Save Denmark Street campaign staged a pop-up concert at the Phoenix Artist Club on Wednesday.

The event featured singer-songwriter Jessie Jetski and comedian Ronnie Golden, and was the first of a series of performances at the venue in Phoenix Street in support of a new documentary.

The organisers are hoping to preserve the musical heritage of Denmark Street, also known as Tin Pan Alley, which in its heyday was home to NME? and the legendary Regent Sound Studio.

Concerts are being held to raise funds for Tin Pan Alley Tales, a documentary featuring the stories of people who have lived and worked in the area. 

Save Denmark Street’s chairman Henry Scott-Irvine said: “All our efforts are now focused on funding our film.” 

A “crowdfunding” page has been launched

2 years ago

Westminster & City Newspaper this week

2 years ago

Half an hour of fun and Tin Pan Alley Tales amid the mayhem

Great to be on the cool comedy magazine programme that is Nunhead Radio with THE American in London the one and only Lewis Schaffer with The Relatives, providing music here on Resonance fm 104.4 London. This show will repeat on Saturday, but you can hear this half hour of fun, featuring me Henry Scott-Irvine talking about Saving Tin Pan Alley and Tin Pan Alley Tales -  the film  - here at the link. Click the arrow to play anytime 

2 years ago

Radio spot today in London on Resonance 104.4 fm and DAB London

I will be on the radio again to talk about Denmark St and The Tin Pan Alley Tales the documentray on Nunhead Radio on
Resonance fm - London's Arts Station.  You can listen in live at 18.30- 19.00  (6.30-7.30 GMT)  LISTEN AT THE LINK or on radio 

2 years ago

Hear us on the radio at this podcast of SOHO RADIO's 'SIMONE MARIE SHOW' of OCT 5th

Here s our radio appearance on Simone Marie's Show on Soho Radio  Please drag the timelines to 1 hour 35 minutes to hear us anytime

at the link here

2 years ago

Our 4th Update. Money coming in but we still need your pledges. Tell your friends

We raised over £450 at our Phoenix Artist Bar TPA Tales benefit gig. Thanks to all who participated and supported us. Earlier that day we were on London Live TV News in three TV appearance segments shortly after being on Soho Radio on Simone Marie's show (bassist of Primal Scream fame). We have another printed feature this week in The Westminster & City Newspaper about Casanova's two years at 28 Denmark St, which will feature within our film Tin Pan Alley Tales too.  Next week we will be on Free Seed On Soho Radio on Wednesday at 11am and streaming online via their website to all. On Friday November 5th we will be a part of the panel at The Night Time Industries' Museum of London all night event on the future of nightlife in London.

2 years ago

Tin Pan Alley Concerts this week + TPA Tales The Film needs your donations - if you have not yet pledged

Updates at October 1st from 'Save Denmark Street’s' campaign re 'Tin Pan Alley Tales The Film'

Thank you kindly to those who have pledged a donation to the cause. Almost 200 pledges, which means we’ve reached 21% of our target. If you have not pledged a donation - every pledge counts towards our making a film that nobody else would let us make  - then please do so now as we need to gain momentum to bait the bigger backers.

We’ve not been idle
Last week saw two radio spots: one on Trash Can Radio with Mike Spencer of The Cannibals fame and another on Soho Radio on Chris Sullivan’s show (drag the timeline to 40 minutes) with special guest Andy Mackay of Roxy Music and Clive Langer who is Madness’s longstanding producer. Both are pledging rare acetates for us to auction. You too could donate something for us to auction also.

Meanwhile, we are in the music trade magazines Music Instrument Professional and Music Merchandise Review. Next week will see a huge feature in the Westminster & City Newspaper which is free in all major supermarkets in the borough. We are also in this month’s UK Live Magazine in all classy stationers. Furthermore a Times feature has been promised too.Keep an eye out for that. And finally, we have been offered 20% of all sales from Awesome Guitars sold this month. In the light of this it would be nice to see some major UK guitar manufacturers and major British rock stars show similar faith. Why not email anyone whom you might know in the this capacity?

Stop Press
Come to our Pop Up Concert this Wednesday the 5th at 8pm till 11pm at The Phoenix Theatre Arts bar in Charing Cross road featuring some very special guests. Tickets are available here in advance as a limited number with a few more on the door on the night. So buy here now before this sells out. 
NB: Phundee pledges only kick-in for ‘the free gigs’ after we reach our target.



MIP PRO Mag http://www.mi-



2 years ago

Radio Spots and Songs For Denmark St this Monday and Wednesday

Save Denmark Street’s Henry Scott-Irvine of Tin Pan Alley Tales The Film will be the uber cool radio this week. Firstly on Trash Can Radio this coming Monday at 8pm for an hour, playing music and imparting tales about The Film, Saving Denmark St, etc...Trash Can Radio is on DAB all over London on Golden Radio. To hear he show LIVE you can also go online go to www

I am also likely to be on air this Wednesday with Simone Marie and Chris Sullivan on Soho Radio this Wednesday from 4 till 6pm GMT live streaming here www Updates here and info 

2 years ago

Be A Part Of Our Film

We've raised £4,007 via 122 donations in just one week and are at 14% of our target. Great news! We at The Save Denmark St Campaign are making this film below, which is crowdfunding for gifts as rewards for pledges to empower Tin Pan Alley Tales - The Film  the story of the music street. Pledge here if you are not already on board. Meanwhile, we will be on Soho Radio on Simone Marie's Show next Wednesday to talk more about the film. So far Time Out, The West End Extra, The Westminster & City newspaper, and Music Merchandise Review have all run features on this upcoming documentary. We will have more media appearances in the works soon, including primetime on Channel 4 TV News with author Will Self.