YOUR DADS GAY - is the title of a webseries that has been adapted from the popular BBC Radio 4 Series - HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE.

The purpose of our campaign is raise the finance to produce a pilot episode that starts at the beginning of this story.

YOUR DADS GAY is a raw, emotional, funny and sexy story that begins when after twenty years of happy marriage with children, Jack - our hero - tells his wife Karen - also our hero - that he thinks he is gay. From here their lives cross and connect in ways they never imagined, with a story that twists and turns, and is sometimes dark and edgy - but is always full of love.

With any new screen drama it is impossible to predict if an audience will like it or take to it. We believe we have a great story to tell, and would love to make the whole webseries - and that is the longer term plan. But by making the pilot first, we can see if it works for you, our audience.

We believe that the success of this Radio drama will translate to a webseries, and be something that people will enjoy and follow on a regular basis. The pilot is episode one of series one and will run for around 15 minutes. A key element of the pilot will be to create a visual style that is engaging, creative, cinematic and has high production values on a low budget. We have a fantastic team in place which can help us realise our ambitions and create a pilot that could help us raise the finance to produce the rest of the series.

We intend to give this pilot free to the public and make it available for everyone to enjoy online.

Any idea is only an idea until it is realised. And to realise our idea, we need crowdfunding support. We really believe that we can turn this unique radio series in to an entertaining and compelling webseries.

But everything starts here and with your help, we can make the pilot that will demonstrate the abilities of our team and the strength of our story.

Please take time to look at our rewards and follow the links for donations and information about the series. We have some good rewards for investment, including the chance to be part of our crew and become a film maker yourself.

Thank you.


Use of funds

100% of the funds will be spent on production. There will be a crew of about 10 people who will need equipment, feeding and paying for their time.

We will need a camera team, lighting and sound recording. Costumes, make up and hair and set design.

Editing will not cost as Duncan is a professional editor with 20 years primetime experience. and owns editing equipment.

Nicholas and Duncan will not be taking a wage for any work on this pilot.


Funds at 70%

If we are lucky enough to achieve 70% of our funding, we could secure our actors and costumes, make definite schedules and plans with the team and crew for specific filming days. And during that time we would also seek the remaining 30% from potential investors.

Achieving 70% would mean that we would use this as a positive demonstration of people's interest in seeing the series and find additional investors to help fund the project.

It will spur us on!


Hurdles & Hopes

We believe our main hurdle is raising the money. There are many costs to making a short film and there are many people to feed, transport and pay for their services. However we already have key personnel interested, and a lovely location as you can see from the trailer above.

Our main hurdle is requiring the money to pay the crew and cast. We want to have the hire great cameras and operators and enough lighting to make the scenes convincing. We also want to use proper costumes and hair styling to bring the characters alive. These last two items are possibly more important than the cameras, as without good actors and convincing clothes, the filming would lack the kind of production value we know gives actors confidence.



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11 hours ago


Hello there!

I have just returned from a wonderful but exhausting day recording the fourth series of HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE, starring Izzy Watts, Katriona Perrett, Julia Ford, Greg Wise, Dona Croll and Andrew Hayden-Smith. This is the series on which YOUR DADS GAY is based.

We are so close to 30%, wouldn't it be wonderful if we blasted it tonight!

11 hours ago


For those of you who have already donated and want to help out even more, we have set up a social media Thunderclap campaign which will help blast the Phundee campaign to as many people as possible and create tons of buzz.  That way we hope to encourage other Phundees, of which you are honoured members!


It's quick to sign up and will help us a ton. We have scheduled the Thunderclap to run on 11th of May, which is about the half way point in the campaign.

Please support YDG by continuing to share the campaign link with your friends and by signing up to our Thunderclap link below.  And THANK YOU once again!


3 days ago


Confirmed today - Duncan and I will be making an appearance on LONDON LIVE @ 1240 on Wednesday 26th April.

We will be talking about YourDadsgay and building on the momentum which you have given us - THANK YOU!

Please continue to 'Cher' this campaign with others, and we will continue working our six inch stilettoes off to help make it happen!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Nicholas & Duncan

3 days ago


I have my first radio interview scheduled for 25/4 @ 0900 on GAYDIO...

I shall be talking about YOURDADSGAY, and all the fabulous support I am getting from you good people.

Please continue to share with anyone you know who would like to subscribe and donate to help make this pilot

Thank you.

4 days ago

Nearly @ 30%

To celebrate the auspicious event of nearly being @ 30% I made this little video. Please keep on Sharing or 'Cher-ing'. Thank you so much.

Video update from Nicholas

5 days ago

Scripts Arrive!

The Scripts have arrived for HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE S4, which is being recorded this weekend. Looking forward to working with Greg Wise, Julia Ford again very much!

1 week ago

Choosing the Right Image.

Ever since the start of this Phundraising Campaign - in fact several months earlier when Duncan and I were planning it - I was taking a series of images to accompany firstly, the Campaign, and secondly, the Webseries itself. I wanted to use the fun and sparky new title YOURDADSGAY - in all its ungrammatical glory - in a number of new settings which caught the balance between the domestic life of a married man and the new and exciting - and unexpected - challenges of the future. I wanted images that were memorable, engaging, and inclusive.  Ultimately, I wanted an image which capture a kind of confused - but real - love.

Well, it's been hard to find what Duncan and I would consider the perfect image - but we are both very pleased with the one below. It is about to be printed up on a number of cards which we will distribute as part of the Campaign, and will as likely end up on the button badges too.

What do you think?

1 week ago

Losing my Green Screen Virginity!

Hello wonderful people

Last Wednesday I caught a train up to Stroud where, under the gentle but firm hand of the awesome Andrew Longhurst of MMouk Ltd, I stepped into Green Screen heaven and recorded a new trailer for YOUR DAD'S GAY, which is being edited as we speak and will be broadcast next week.  Here's a screen snatch from the raw footage - what do you think?