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GaskinJack Test

04 Dec 2015

Announcing winners of #CFNorthLDN

……But what is #CFNorthLDN?

At Phundee we are all about empowering entertainment and art. One of our core values is to help creatives and make their dreams come true.

We do this through our competitions. Last month we ran a competition with The Camden Roundhouse to find some of the hottest projects from North London. As part of the competition the winners enter Phundee’s incubator programme. Over 9 weeks we train the winners in various topics such as Profiling, Social Media, How to create fantastic rewards and many more topics. All are designed so that our winners have the best chance to raise finance for their incredible projects.

Let’s take a look at some of our winners and what category they fit in.


Bert Roman Move Me Dance – The best way to describe this interactive dance performance is dance meets flash mob. Move Me Dance encourage people from all ages and walk of life to learn basic steps and then dance in public and get a crowd participating. Get your dance shoes ready for February.

Rachel Johnson - Journey for Light – Exciting new dance piece from Geordie Rachel Johnson and Experiential Dance Theatre Company. Based on the Chilean miner disaster this contemporary dance piece explores the disaster using dance and video in harmony, rumour has it that Pease Pudding will be served at the interval.

Gabi SeraniThe Dancing OwlIs an online platform where dancers will build a sustainable life as artists. Gabi want to challenge the culture of dance as a profession often dancers aren’t paid or paid little, The Dancing Owl wants to fight for the rights of dancers and have it recognised as profession like any other. ‘We do this because the world is in need of Art, and our skills are needed in the world’ Gabi Serani.


Aseel Almolliyeh - Short film about redefining one’s purpose and happiness after losing their dream. A middle aged pharmacist who once had a dream of becoming a basketball player rethinks his life when an incident brings him face to face with his long lost dream. Think White men can’t jump meets Iraq.

Josh OkusanyaThe Oki Oki Show – Josh bring his hilarious comedy routine to Phundee. Needing to raise money for a web series The Oki Oki show. In the show Josh plays 5 different characters all in his own imagination.

Charlie and JasonDirty Laundry - Dirty Laundry is a narrative led drama that touches on themes of mental health, drug addiction, love, hate and revenge – but its core is good old-fashioned story-telling, with complex characters that are consumed with dark secrets and inner conflict. All set in a Laundrette in Barbican over 8 Episodes. Lizzy Graham the editor is also an Oscar winner for best Action short film.

Sashen NaickerYatri – A thought provoking film that is to challenge people’s views on Islam and in particular to challenge Islamophobia in America. Yatri was created after seeing how the US news media treats and portrays Muslims in the US and in other western countries. After witnessing the same xenophobia come to the forefront of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Sashen wants the audience to see that no matter where we come from in the world, we all have a lot more in common than we think and there is more in life that unites us than constantly divides us.


Linda WaltonDaniel in Babylon The Rock Opera - Having had successful operatic performance’s already with her company Rainbow Solid. Linda plans to bring The Bible’s sorry of Daniel in Babylon to life. The story is about a young Hebrew captured in Jerusalem and taken to Babylon as a slave. His unwavering faith keeps him alive when all the odds are stacked against him. Facing almost sudden death in the lion’s den he succeeds in winning respect and his people’s freedom. This story will appeal to a mixed audience of all ages as it is action packed and compassionate.

Figga Figga – Body of Work - The project is inspired by FIGGA, a three-rap trio from south-east London Woolwich. The FIGGA vision is to put together a five track EP of visuals for our listeners and viewers to appreciate. The project brings together the views on modern day society, when you come from a certain class. The aim is to having the spirit to motivate and inspire others from all walks of life in the community and online. Each of the five music visuals delivers mixed emotions to suit the sound. The story of FIGGA is one to watch during the 8 weeks before the launch. Figga’s plan is to engage with people all over the world who can also share our stories.


Bina Nanavati Bollywood Borrowed – Is a unique concept for anyone attending an Asian do. Bollywood Borrowed allows you to rent Sarees, Lenghas, Sherwanis and accessories for weddings and parties alike. Predominately aimed at a non-Asian market it is the perfect place to go for everyone to get involved with Asian culture and get in the mood. Click here to see celebs wearing Bollywood Borrowed.


Cecilia Ferraro - Something told me to wake up – Cecilia art installation is designed to provoke thought of our own perspective.It is a tactile and sonorous experience, which reflects on Cecilia life-long interest in observing nature’s origin of life and the realization of the impermanence and uncertainty of existence. This is Cecilia first art installation comprised of drawing, video projection on the surface 3,500 hand crafted ceramic leaves where 30 friends around the world answer questions about themselves and nature to gain a unique perspective.

Hold tight for these wonderful projects on Phundee launching in February. If you are interested in future events click here.

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