Meet The Team

Meet the Team and see what they can do for you

Ashon Spooner

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Ashon's conceptualisation of the website,, took place whilst in his last year of study on his Film course at Kingston University in 2007. Ashon felt the need for a platform to help independent and entry level artists attract funding so that a 'Who You Know' industry becomes more accessible with a transparent funding process. Prior to setting up his online business, Ashon spent some ten years working within the Entertainment industry as a successful business owner, performer, dancer and fashion model. In 2008-2009 he founded, managed and ran a party entertainment business, hiring a staff to organise and run shows on a daily basis. Following this success, Ashon auditioned to be a part of the Performance Cast for Disney America, dancing within shows and facilitating its general Entertainment.

Karen Sticher

COO/CFO – Chief Operations Officer / Chief Financial Officer

A Business Management Executive, Karen joined Phundee with fifteen years Change and Project Management experience, following Management Consulting and a MBA scholarship. She’s passionate about bringing people together to achieve new possibilities, and is a recognised senior management mentor and ambassador of diversity and inclusive leadership.
"Ballet was my first love."

Jack Gaskin

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

Prior to joining Phundee, Jack worked in charity fundraising for eight years, managing the accounts of over 40 different charities internationally, nationally and local. Jack quickly became to be known as a doer in the third sector, having helped the launch of two agencies. Jack’s style of management is a blend of fun, inspiring, creative and decisive. In his time managing charity fundraising, Jack raised over £4millon. In October 2013 Ashon Spooner came back from working for Disney to work with Jack again. In September 2013 Jack joined the Phundee team to help the growth of Phundee.
“What really appeals to me is giving something back, Phundee is a great project as the whole of the business model is design to support the careers of creatives. Brought up in a creative household, I appreciate the arts and think that they enrich society and make it more inspiring."

Gareth Evans

CTO – Chief Technology Officer

An innovative, hands-on technology executive with in-depth experience in eCommerce and booking systems. As a full stack developer Gareth is happy either tweaking the User Interface (UI) or writing his own in-memory database ( As for education, enough points for a non-Hons degree in computing, but left early to pursue the entrepreneurial world.
“The reason I like programming is because I love creating things, it's almost limitless!”

Lewis Burrows

Graphic Designer

Lewis Burrows is a young Londoner working as a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer for He has a passion for music performance.

Yazmin How

Digital Marketing

Yaz is a Digital Marketing Specialist. Growing up she was always involved in creative projects whether dancing, choreographing, acting, or singing, and she understands the importance of supporting the arts and entertainment industry. Yaz is passionate about creating exciting content and engaging marketing campaigns in order to communicate the Phundee story.

Carling Connor

CCO – Chief Co-ordinating Officer

Carling impressed the team with her input on a visit to the Phundee office and was quickly offered a position. Originally from North America, Carling’s experience and network as performer and singer (currently in the 50’s band, The Bluejays) is crucial to Phundee’s expansion. Phundee is very pleased to have her on the team.

David Coleman

Advisory Board Chair

David is the other half of DAL Strategy Ltd, with wife Lynn, providing board level Advisory, undertaking investments including Angel Investment, and mentoring community groups and sponsoring local events. David is Independent Non Executive Director and Chair of the Board Risk and Compliance Committee for a company within Sage Group Plc and Chair of Bournemouth Community Finance. David is an acknowledged expert in the strategy, design, and delivery of global digital banking. Previously David was Global Head of Internet Banking Change Delivery for HSBC's Commercial Banking business having been with HSBC for 32 years.
"Our DAL Strategy Ltd, our company strategy is: Advisory. Investment. Community. Phundee is an exciting avenue for this."

Lynn Coleman


With husband David, Lynn is one half of DAL Strategy Ltd, which provides board level Advisory, undertakes investments including Angel Investment, and volunteers to mentor community groups and sponsor local events. Previously Lynn was a Property Investor and Director of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade And Commerce. For the majority of her career Lynn was an executive within Lloyds of London.
"Exciting times: Empowering Entertainment with Phundee and the amazing Phundee family."

Christon Burrows


Christon is a Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Lucidus Capital Partners LLP which he set up with other Partners in 2009. Lucidus Capital Partners LLP is a credit hedge fund manager with assets under management of $1.6 billion with offices in London, New York and Florida.
"I believe that creative businesses are potentially serious world beating companies."

Giorgio Sikking


Giorgio has a wealth of experience in both corporate and privately owned business, with specialist expertise in the media marketing communications sector. He’s a founding partner and Managing Director of Ferries Trains Planes Ltd (FTP), set up in 1996. FTP is now primarily a 'smart' third party Internet retailer in the UK rail sector.
"I bring advertising and marketing expertise to direct Phundee's communications strategy."
"Visual Arts is my passion having started out at art college."

Malcom Gaskin


Malcolm is an advertising creative director. His forte has been having a big idea, building strong creative teams, winning and servicing new business.
"Apart from adland, I'm actively involved in many other creative outlets. I’m developing movies, managing bands, literature, conceptual art and media clubs. I've worked with the best creative talent worldwide."